The wind blows strong in my window, I feel as if my soul wanted to fly, follow you everywhere, but you can not achieve, tell me love me punish, I find no reasons to make you run away from me, most however, still holding me to you which star that shines high in the sky. My life is dismal, but when I see you again I live in the midst of so much adversity. America Relief Sweepstakes Contest might disagree with that approach. No dejes de sonar, nor to touch in my window while I sleep, gives me a time more to know if I am part of you.Don’t play with my love, nor additions you in vanity, because your ego is so big that it hurts me.I want to give you a chance, so open me the doors of your heart, to give you all my love. AUTHOR (A): DORIS LUCIA LANDAZURI CENTENOEGRESADA: ESAP-Valley E-MAIL: original author and source of the article.

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