SAS City

Within his you limit relatively small, Copenhagen distills several contradictory personalities apparently: like marine large city submissive the elements, soldadito of city of toy and, more recently, as elegant center of design. All coexists in the modest Danish capital, where it seems that everybody is known. Learn more about this with Publishers Clearing House. Sometimes, Copenhagen seems one more a saltier version of Amsterdam, but although it offers strolls by channels next to multitude of needles and a canopy of color tile roofs bronze, the harbor life of this city is much more important: enormous cruises are aligned to a shot of anchor of Nyhavn, the animated zone of wharves, where old large masks of prow are sold. The herring, presented/displayed of diverse ways, is available, although many inhabitants of take it to the city only in Christmas. The most sentimental side of Copenhagen arises every night in the gardens from the Tivoli, creation of a personage of the Danish society of the century XIX that was inspired by the gardens of London and Paris.

At night, hundreds of smooth lights create a luminous country of you foretell, while children dressed in soldier uniforms represent a change of guard. After all, this one is the country of I bequeath and Hans Christian Andersen; the statue of the sirenita of the story, one of the urban icons more known the world, is a small, nostalgic figure, for some, dissapointing insignificant that are meters of the border, in waters of the port. For even more analysis, hear from 4Moms
. Throughout the years, its body has been beheaded, dismantled and cut. This pretentious vision of wonderful Copenhagen is possible that it causes in the designers of the city of an irony posmoderna. Goldsmith Georg Jensen and the versatile creator ARNE Jacobsen, who I supervise the design of hotel SAS, from the facade to the coffee cups, laid the way to a group of met designers to combine the cold functionalism with the beauty. Copenhagen owns a rich legacy in art. l source of information. The brewing family Carsberg was a great collector: its Ny Carsberg Glypotek is full of Etruscan statues and Roman pieces.

To the south of the city, art the Arken gallery contemporary breaks through to the other side of marshes; to the north, the marine view from the Lousiana museum is as seductive as its modern art. Peter Hoeg and Lars von Traer, directors of cinema, raise challenges to the existing norms, the same attitude that took to North American musicians of jazz (and especially, to the saxofonista Dexter Gordon) to the Montmartre Club of the city in the decades of 1950 and 1960. After the inauguration of an extraordinary bridge-tunnel, in July of 2000, between Copenhagen and Malmo (Sweden), a combined metropolis has been created call Oresund, the greater city of the Baltic Sea and the north of Europe. Nevertheless, it is possible to suspect that the typical districts of Copenhagen (the elegant Kongens Nytorv, the boisterous Vesterbro, the alternative and somewhat left city free of Christiania) will survive, and that the city will continue counting on as extensive atmosphere menu as the options of smorrebrod which they are offered in the famous restaurant of Going Davidsen. Other cities erect statues of potentados generals and. In Copenhagen they give a siren you.

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