Shetland Islands

The road was more us long than expected because the road climbed abruptly by a mountain pass where abounded the fog and snow in the ditch of the road, to then descend and situate ourselves in a beautiful village on the banks of the fjord Seydis which gives it its name. Although it was almost ten o’clock we were still enjoying natural light and we would still have it for one good while longer. Another myth true of Iceland that we saw is always striking midnight sun. In Seyoisfjorour can find a cafe (Gallery of modern art and with access to the Internet) where We had dinner and a comfortable hotel to spend the night. Seyoisfjorour is the only place in Iceland where big ships coming from the rest of Europe, arrive receiving ships directly from Norway, Denmark and the Shetland Islands in the North, which meant an important connection with Europe door seyoisfjorour. This fact was particularly important when the whole world was moving at the speed of the boats and planes were not even an idea in the most ingenious minds.

The next morning, Seyoisfjorour us rewarded with a fantastic, ideal sunny day for the new adventure that we emprenderiamos: a tour of kayak of sea by the fjord. Our nice guide, an icelander who spends most of the year in Germany and returns to his hometown for the summer season, led paddling us amidst beautiful landscapes. He chose a perfect site to make a landing, leave the kayaks on the shore and make a walk that took us to a small but beautiful waterfall. In the afternoon we could relax and enjoy the place to then again take the car back to Egilsstaoir. We are going through the city and a few kilometres away a herd of reindeer surprised us in a meadow near the road. We continue our journey to the National Park of Jokulsargljufur which houses an impressive Gorge 500 meters wide and 100 of depth which run the glacial waters of the Jokulsa River.

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