Streets Sena Madureira

Squares are unprovided of gardens flowery lawns and as if this was enough with unnecessary patios in flagstone and cement that of so precarious material and service, in little time go if disassembling and changedding themselves into holes for slips of pedestrians. It has of if presuming, at least in the city of $fortaleza CE where alive and that I have come across myself constantly with repeated reforms, folloied almost always of new models, – of better for more worse, of squares, of patios and sidewalk of rock calcaldas on sand, that seems to be about something proposital hidden in some form of profit, therefore if does not justify to tazer as much reform in daily pay-masonry with as much rock badly mounted and as much reform, when it could be constructed something durable some generations and to use gardens watered with espargedores of water being refreshed the life of the contributors and washing the mind of the municipal administrators. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out US Parcel Service. The centers, commercial nucleus of some cities, – typical example of my $fortaleza CE, does not have as there if to admit the great mixture of cars in quantide I transit running over it of families who go to the purchases, therefore in that half advertising so put into motion it could be served by two the three opened micron-bus, type gardening, after transformed all that center into a calado type already existetente in some of those streets. a imediatista option would be to forbid it transits internal of the center keeping in movement the Av. Read more here: Courier. Duke Of the Caxias and too much Streets that form I circulate it, – Streets Sena Madureira, General Bezerril and Tristo Gonalves. Of the ecosystem let us take in account necessiade well of if to dissiplinar the good conservation of the sidewalk with rigorous fiscalization and collection of I fix and remodels, therefore this indifference of the municipal administrators has caused excellent damages with accidents torsional of ankles and other deriving accidents of fall of aged people, deficient physicists and gestantes.

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