Next Flop Threatens

Low Charter and pool rates as well as an accident of the MT “HS Elektra” promise anything good. One of the reasons for the disastrous situation of the Fund is the location on the world shipping markets, caused by the collapse of Charter markets in autumn 2008. Accordingly, the ships could not achieve from the […]

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What Is Money?

Day money is due to the low risk and the comparatively high yield of Ibrahim popular with investors. For years, the day money as an effective Sparmethode is regarded. Whether old or young benefit people of all ages of the day money do. The reason for this is that the risk when compared to other […]

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Spanish Caixabank

Is Europe still in a crisis? The most important key figures. After a second aid package was awarded to Greece, this crisis within the EU seemed at least temporarily to have been resolved. But hardly ever breathed through Spain as new problem surfaced already, clearly missed the imposed savings targets. A simple look at some […]

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Create Transparency Through Access To Essential Documents

Leading industry service k-mi confirmed energy capital invest, 22.11.2010 brochure intended course of Stuttgart. Hardly a business is so complex as the trade with mineral extraction rights, as well as the exploration of oil and natural gas in the United States. Not only that it is a highly dynamic market with own requirements, the actual […]

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President Sales North

Bank invested until 2016, some 120 million euros in the branch? Is opening hours of the pilot store extended by 80 percent to 57.5 hours per week? Checkout service on weekends with contact is switched to video? Commerzbank modernized checking and credit cards to take in account opening their branch network by 2016 for around […]

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The Fund

Invest-report refers to a Safety buffer in the form of any public aid which had not been included, as well as on the major incentive for the provider by the subordinated profit-sharing bonuses for achievement of defined minimum results for investors. “Investors have the advantage of secure cash flows of residential real estate portfolios. The […]

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SHB Innovative Fund Concepts AG Sells Shopping Centre

“” ERWE real estate GmbH acquires first property of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG & co. shopping centre Carre Gottingen KG the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) in Aschheim near Munich has Mall Carre Gottingen after an extraordinary shareholders meeting of their real estate funds SHB innovative fund concepts AG & co. […]

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Hannover Leasing Grows

The closed-end funds Hannover is the selection process of the summary prospectus-check leasing growth values Europe 5. The Fund is designed as investor-oriented. The summary prospectus check demands high investment levels, low soft costs, and a solid use of the liquidity reserve. Furthermore, funds characterized by a mostly positive performance record and a serious initiators […]

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