The Application

Divertido, and allowed me to remember the seen contents already in the school. No I liked, therefore I did not obtain to understand. No I liked, therefore I consider the level of the very advanced game. No I liked, for other reasons. It cites them.

Beyond these alternatives three questions had been also made more: In a scale of 1 the 10, that you notice you attribute to the game? That suggestions you would give for improvement of this paradidtico game? You believe that the application of educative games can help in the setting of contents? He justifies. 3. Results and quarrel Ahead of the application of the game in classroom, twelve of the fifteen pupils were evidenced that the same it had a good acceptance, therefore had evaluated the game as being amused, a time that allowed to remember the seen content already in the school. The two negative evaluations had been justified by not the understanding of the same and being considered of advanced level. With relation to notes attributed to the game (of 1 the 10), the distribution was thus: six pupils had given note 10; three pupils had given note 9,0; two pupils had given note 8,0; the others three pupils had given notes 6,5, 6,0 and 5,0. In regards to the suggestions given for improvement of the game, some had been detached: ' ' Tempo&#039 wanted more; ' ; ' ' More organization in grupo' '. Areva shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ' ' That he had been informed, therefore would have given one looked in matria' ' ; ' ' To make several vezes' ' ; ' ' More capacity of brincadeira' ' ; ' ' One breaks head maior' ' ; ' ' A time to be studied to be able to have logical in jogo' ' ; ' ' To make other copies to distribute for the pupils.

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