The Bandwidth

Especially powerful processors and kodieren efficient codecs are the basis for the implementation of these new standards. In contrast to the high definition TV broadcast, abbreviated HDTV, held a bi-directional communication with the high definition video conferencing. A high definition video conferencing, perform the entire chain of communication must consist of HD capable components and also must be also ensured that the bandwidth available is because transfer high resolution images of high definition classification. Depending on the manufacturer and HD format, we recommend a bandwidth of 1.5 Mbit / s synchronous. Figure 1 gives an overview of resolutions and the bandwidth at the same time. The high definition video standards have been set different formats. Decisive criteria when determining the high definition formats were the resolution, refresh rate, and aspect ratio. The table on the right is an excerpt from the possible high definition formats.

Otherwise as the interlace technique (i), which is referred to as intermediate line process and works with line crossed fields, the composition ensures the progressive scan (p), the full-screen process, feeding real full screen. That moment at video conference systems in practice supported format is 720 p in the progressive mode in this mode, all lines are written one after the other on the display medium. Using this representation, usually work PC monitors. In contrast, the representation in a format of 1080i in the interlaced takes place mode. The procedure builds only the odd lines in the image formation and completes the picture with the second field, then created from the even lines.

This kind of image presentation was originally designed for the TV broadcasting developed and served the purpose of bandwidth savings. Video conferencing in high definition the more horizontal and vertical pixels used for the transmission of the picture information, the image displayed is the sharper and clearer. At the same time, the height of the refresh rate for the reality faithful representation of an image plays an essential role.

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