The Basic

Which in turn meant that this already so some seemingly mutually activated hinderNISSE showed, which provoked a change on my part, so that long time the decision for one of the two possibilities for me was, to get clearer clearer steps in the respective direction. Anyway, I was in came in this monastery, and I had to realize, once again, that in a sense a prompt response as a result of mandatory is inherent in a clear umrisSenen to question with the honest willingness to want to hear the answer, or at least the desired answer well-defined question not long wait let on. Already on the first day I had a further meeting with the Basic topic in itself, what is the following night in widerspiegelte relatively clear pictures. That night I had a dream in which I in the forest umherirrte and suddenly stood before a small tree, which had a kind of fungus Bewuchs at the root, eigentlich anything really threatening beamed out what in retrospect. This fungal plant spotted, but grabbed me an indescribable fear, took me a disgust which was really terrible, and I tore out the trees with fungal growth and ran away, as if it was a matter of life and death, of anxiety possessed. I ran and ran through the Woods and wahrenddessen, when I tried to escape, with greatest haste before some imaginary I woke up again.

It was a very gentle waking, a kind of gliding from one consciousness level to the other and with the result that is both overlapped, I so both at the same time could design it. The meant that I now just as real had the dream where I just was, in the awake state in front of me as the so-called awake, in which I myself to this There was also time. It was easy to see that I experienced my fear in this dream that prevented life as such took place because I uproot the small apparent threat out life already in the approach.

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