The Communal Movement

In 1958, in full decade of development for our country, started the communal movement in Colombia, through the issuance of the rules began to be possible in effect. Since then we have a new kind of leadership: that of simple citizens, deep popular roots, whose best time is spent with enormous enthusiasm, passion and joy incomparable unlimited and do what they like: to fight and struggle to find a solution to multiple needs of their neighborhood. The neighborhood is, needless to say, the form of urban organization more important. Streets and careers, in their parks the churches in their schools and colleges in its bars and cantinas … In all spaces, throbbing life, feeling, past, present and future communities. The neighborhood is a living space where people and families share, hug, fight and make up. Where children grow and makes men and women and from there go with an air of adults and older people walked to keep the appointment with their own history. The district did not have before mourners.

Or, to say the least, its mourners were not organized, nor did they have a strong enough unit to work with prospects of success or in defense of his most cherished interests. For this reason and many others, the communal movement began to fill a huge gap in Colombian society: the leadership down, the people of the town, the neighbors united around their problems and the need for solution. The community action board began to be, in essence, a social movement whose foundation is the union, whose reason for work is timely and permanent management to provide the community of those works, institutions, arrangements and services needed to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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