The Dublin

2. visit the old Jameson distillery. The distillery old Jameson is another alcohol related-related attraction in Dublin. By the taste of great Irish whiskey, up to a factory tour – here you can do anything experience. The distillery is located in the bow Street, and is definitely worth a visit. 3. see a performance at the gaiety theatre.

A backpacker or budget traveller with love to the theater should look at a presentation at the gaiety theatre. It is the oldest theatre Dublin and houses some productions, including Opera, dance, drama, musicals, and even Ballet. 4. running the Dublin Ghostbus. Every visitor to Dublin should join such a trip in the Dublin ghost bus. This is a thematic ride, where you will learn the creeps in a bus decorated in the Gothic style. Travel guide tell scary stories, while the bus through the city whizzes and stops at selected places such as cemeteries and other haunted places in Dublin.

5. make a historic walk through Dublin. Carried out by students of the famous Trinity College, really enriching walks are perfect for backpackers who want to understand the history and culture of a nation. 6. try Hurling out. Hurling is one of the most famous sports in Ireland, which extends also far back into the history of the country. Backpackers who want to see this unique sport and understand that should go to a game at Croke Park Stadium. 7. a tour with the literary musical or bus bus. The Dublin’s Rock N’ roll writers bus tour is a more unique tour, which gives an impression of the country’s cultural and literary wealth the visitor of the Irish capital. 8. the Dublin pub crawl. Temple bar is Ireland’s famous pub district and a tour through the various pubs and bars is fast becoming one of the most entertaining pastimes of a stay in Dublin. 9 rent at the Phoenix Park a bicycle. The Phoenix Park is in Europe, and be sure to recommend you one of the largest parks if you like and want to appear in the pedals discovering Dublin’s sights this way. 10 sightseeing in a Dublin Bus. If you can not afford an official city guide, why don’t you just go into a normal bus and find out where he will take you?

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