The Easiest Billing Center For Midwives

The settlement with the statutory health insurance is a chore for midwives. Midwives are using a billing software, must bring them also always up to date. This costs time and nerves. With the solution of the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ), midwives account now conveniently and easily via the Internet and need to no longer worry about updates. Simply log onto the website of the DMRZ, data type, and the money from the cash register lands after 28 days, at the latest on the account. That is not only simple, but also unbeatably cheap: entering the data self midwives save several hundred dollars a year. Recently there was a drastic change for midwives in the settlement with the statutory health insurance. Also the invoicing for midwives were transformed by the technical system in version 6.0 (TA 6), in force since 1 February.

Who use a software for billing, had to bring them up to date and install an update, because otherwise, invoices from the Fund will not more paid. This is expensive, takes time and not everyone is so familiar with the software, it works out right off the bat. With our service you can save updates themselves\”, says Thomas Gazda, Managing Director of the German medical Computing Centre. The company operates an Internet platform where all other performance er Binger can settle easily via the Internet. Software is not required. It extends the Internet Explorer version 7 midwives that settle in the future easier via the network, must play no more updates and are sure to work always with a current version.

The service of the DMRZ (www.dmrz.de) is not only easy, but also unbeatably cheap. Only that which is actually entered on invoices billed. In this pay-per-use\”procedures fall neither on monthly service charges, still a software must be purchased expensive. The fees amount to only 0.5 percent of the gross settlement amount.

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