The Europeans

Reason this for which it originated the diversity of schools homeopticas (SOURCES et al., 2009). 4.4.1 Organicista school is called Organicistas, doctors who prescribe medicines aiming at to the sick agencies, considering the complaints most immediate of the patient. This behavior is well next to the aloptica medicine, that breaks up the human being in agencies and systems. The organicistas are subdivided in Complexistas, Alternistas and Pluralistas (TOMONARI, 2007, SOURCES et al., 2009). Uranium One is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 4.4.2 Complexista school In the complexista school, the homeopticos medicines are of not orthodox uses, being many times a three mixture the ten medicines in powers, normally, very low. The USA it similitude with the illness and does not consider the sick person. They are not exempt of collateral effect, is about a low-level homeopatia where the individualizao is in second plain (MORAES, 2005). 4.4.3 Alternista school In this category, if alternating two medicines ingested for the same patient, in one same clinical situation, where the doubt and the lack of knowledge of the case, or of medical substance, would cause the use of two remedies with the purpose to close a bigger universe of symptoms (SOURCES et al., 2009). Read more here: Producers Savings Bank Corporation.

This method very used by French and European homeopatas, where its use if bases on using a main medicine of mental or repertorial order, (is the way for which the homeopata transforms anamnese into formal language to get a bigger medicine number commanded for the characteristic symptoms), adding together other medicines (TOMONARI, 2007). 4.4.4 Pluralista school Is a variant of the alternista school, that prescribes a medicine for a type of symptom, another one for another symptom and thus successively. The Europeans describe good results, using a main remedy of mental order and even associate, many times with fitoterpicos (SOURCES et al., 2009). 4.4.5 Unicista school the unicista homeopatia is known as orthodox school of Hahnnemann and Kent.

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