The Same

Why? The first – a woman emotional by nature, they do not build from a "wise owl" as men, and second – they are curious. A curiosity resonates with interest, and expression of interest outside echoes the concern. Whenever hein park capital listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Like any man, when they are interested. Therefore, to effectively establish contact interested people to learn and do it sincerely. How to complete the transaction? Many approached the completion of the transaction, bringing down the client "mountain" of information and seeing at least some interest, sharply exhaled, nervously sighing and hard issue: "Well, you take?" And the client begins nervous, he too became frightened.

Communicate with customers to easily and naturally, and he will answer you the same. Initially it will be difficult, but over time this can be achieved. Sometimes the best with childish naivete to say: 'Well, let's money? " The client says: 'No, I'll pay later' – and you jokingly: 'Well, no, it's better now ' I have personally tried several times and this technique on transactions – works great. Make the completion of the transaction easy, weightless, do not tense up, talking about money. Whether any person can learn to sell well, or a successful salesman – this is from God? I used to think that a good seller – it is necessarily an inborn talent. But when my eyes for a few months of the timid and shy people grow different vendors, I had to revise his opinion. Sales – the art of changing people's opinions about anything.

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