Top Exercises

Fitness trainer Maya by fitmitmaya.com shows your favorite exercises. While sitting, our backs will be especially charged. Back pain is one of the most common causes for sick leave today. Everyone who ever had it, knows how painful they are. The spinal discs massage we sit upright on our Chair, lift the back of the head, lower Chin and take back our shoulders. From this position we fall our upper body Vortex for vortex in on itself, the shoulders tilt it forward. Then we sit up again our upper body Vortex for Vortex. In the downward movement we exhale.

We’re breathing again in the upward movement. We repeat this sequence three times. Only through movement, our discs can fill with fresh fluid. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. The muscle program we sit upright, make a wide straddle, and tighten up our stomach and buttocks muscles. Now, we combined the arms across the chest. From this position, we bend our upper body forward and lift It then. In the downward movement we breathe, in the upward movement we exhale.

We repeat this movement to ten deep breaths long. A strong back muscles is a prerequisite for a pain-free day at the Office. The lumbar stretching to stretch our lower back muscles we stand up, our legs are easily spread and we tighten our buttocks. From this position we bow to the upper body to the left. You should reach her knee with her left hand, without her Oberkorer it buckles forward. A reduction in the area of the lumbar muscles is failing you. In this case, this stretching exercise is especially important for you. Hold the position and ten times deep breaths in the expansion into. Repeat this exercise on both sides two times. A shortening of the lumbar muscles is, if you can not reach the knee in the Seitwartsbeuge.

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