Torrejn Facilities

Screens of office: The vestibule offers the collection us of screens of Klass office, screens of Aresta office, screens of office Masters, screens of Stil office and screens of office with partition closet. In each collection one details to the characteristics of the screens as well as the gallery of images. Wood screens: One has the wood screens in this site such as the melaminada wood screen, varnished wood screen, stratified wood screen and wood screens double. Source: Macys. Also one has other types of screens as it is the case of screen with Venetian between crystals, etc. Hear from experts in the field like Hikmet Ersek for a more varied view. Screens for office: In this section of the Web one has the screens for office as it is the case of double screen with whole crystal and blind wood, screen double wood and crystal with Venetian, screen of partition closet, blind double screen with showing window, etc. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kohl’s. Screens to divide spaces in office: It is described in this site about the screens to divide to spaces in office such as the screen with structure of profiles of aluminum and screen with metallic element between the modules. Also specific the advantages of its use.

Screens of Italian office: A catalogue is had about the screens of Italian office which includes operative screens, directional screens of reception, screens, screens of meeting and screens of ashlar masonry. Each group deepens in gallery of images, connections, finished, etc. to us. The Stil screens close spaces with cost panels to perfilera seen, that is to say, whose cantosy is with finished perfect, still without fitting, to be seen from all the angles. Panels who Diproject makes in thicknesses of 45 millimeters in wood or 16 millimeters in agglomerate, besides structures panelizadas in its totality or partially in crystal with a thickness of 5 mlmetros. The Still screens are structured with an aluminum frame outlined with finished in anonizados or lacados materials with polimeralizada painting epoxi-polyester to the furnace. The aluminum structure allows to fit boards and, in the case of the panels of glass, a rubber guide to fit them with comfort sufficient to retain the crystal and to guarantee the absorption of the vibrations and those of the same expansion of the materials. The system of Still screens provides passable separations, with open bays or with doors made in the same materials, with the purpose of to guarantee the homogeneity of the designs, the suitable closing, the reduction of the acoustic action and, by all means, the isolation and privacy of the divided stays. The doors of the panels of melaminada wood separation, of 35 millimeters of thickness, can have glazed peepholes and I close and embellecedores of lock in the same qualities that those that presents/displays the preexisting facilities, so that they become current steps, safe and integrated. This type of we can find them screens in companies like Torrejn Facilities, for example.

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