Universe Conspires

Paulo Coelho, Brazilian writer quoted in several of his works, the following sentence: "When you want to achieve or gain something in life, the universe conspires to make it." Really the universe conspires to make you succeed? And I will definitely answer: YES conspiracy. When you want to accomplish something in life, it shows in your eyes the opportunities to achieve this, various events and situations occur that take you to get it. We must be alert to the flashes of light that will be placed in front of us and not let them pass by. If you want to move forward with your whole being, at the right time signals appear which you must be very alert not to let them pass. Signs will send people with whom they live, or with new people, that will leave you positive things while negative, but that in some way or another help to see your achievements are crystallized, as well as specific situations which you placed in the appropriate path to success, not to mention the particular moments that rages daily living and can not let pass almost unnoticed.

The universe will conspire over and over again to make your fulfill your purpose in life, try to be very attentive to everyone you know now, whether they are old acquaintances and new friendships, working relationships, setting your attention to the moments of joy, peace, calm, and even sadness, pleasant and unpleasant situations, because each one will get something positive each day to climb the mountain of your dreams to conquer the summit, while the negative one will take that which allows you to grow in your search. And what does not help your purpose, try not to dismiss it affects you, do not harm, let alone cut your wings to overcome, since they may feel out of place, you feel no desire to want to get to the top the mountain of your dreams. The dreams are fed by your enthusiasm to get to fulfill your life mission. I invite you to be very attentive to everything that happens in your life people, the good and bad times, but especially not to miss the signs the universe sends you to reach the goal. Remember that if you propose an achievement you will, because the universe really is conspiring in your favor. Dare.

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