Victor Kharkov

Q. You are a very interesting girl, do you may have problems to get acquainted with a man here in Ukraine? A. The fact of the matter is that the problems just to attract their attention does not arise. It is not difficult, all the men in the main guided by instinct, and any girl (as sadly) are perceived in the first place as a sexual object, moreover, by their nature they are polygamous, so that even "very accurate", as a rule, deviate from the rules. So that's not bad enough to look and not be quite so complete idiot – and the attention you provided.

Problems arise when one wants a man praised in the first place my inner contents, every woman wants to its appreciated, respected and seen as a person, not a mannequin with a beautiful hairdo, makeup, which look very nice friends and show no shame. Q. Why did you decide to join in an international agency Me? A. Most likely the result of disillusionment with the local men and hope that foreigners will be more serious, responsible, and caring. They have attitude to women is absolutely another possible cause of another culture, or maybe just because of a mindset. Or is it simply an attempt to make a reality of children's dream of a prince, who was sure to come from distant lands, showered with flowers, to lead in solar country and to love forever. Our on this can not. B. For solution you register with us as a surprise or a cautious and deliberate move? A.

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