Videocurriculum Works

The videocurriculum is a video presentation in which the aspiring job speaks of their skills, abilities, achievements and ambitions. It’s a promotional video used so that staff breeders have a clearer picture about the candidates. In other countries such as the USA.UU. the videocurriculum is a utizada tool for more than 40% of candidates. This system offers several advantages over the traditional method: 1.-we show that we are people active and innovative, able to differentiate ourselves from other candidates.

2. You can evaluate verbal skills and the candidate’s physical presence, as well as mastery of languages and computer science. 3 Increasingly interviewers who resort to this means of consultation, allowing you to save time by reducing the number of face-to-face interviews. 4. For more information see Park West Asset Management. Your videocurriculum will be hung on the internet and accessible to the search engines, you will receive a large number of visits. 5 You can send it easily to bidders and companies staff selection indicating access link. This system is taking much success in other countries such as the USA.UU. where more than 40% of the curriculum include a promotional video.

Follow these tips for a professional resume video recording. 1 Write a script and rehearses until you get to express yourself with ease. 2. The video must have a duration of 30 to 60 seconds. 3 Care Fund. Not show disorder. 4. Ensures that background noise is not heard. You may want to visit Tao Li to increase your knowledge. 5 Show you natural, looking directly into the camera and dressed in an appropriate manner. 6. Repeat the video many times that it is necessary. THE VIDEOCURRICULUM STRUCTURE 1. Brief presentation. Name, age and place of residence. 2. Training: Studies and place you courses where them. Complementary training, (indicate the most relevant courses without going into the details the duration). 3. Work experience: Company and job. (depending on the post indicate most relevant functions). 4 Personality traits: Here you can talk about your character, comment on your virtues, sector that would like to develop your career Professional, professional interests, etc 5.-If you’re bilingual is convenient to repeat some phrase in a second language. 6 Farewell: Grateful for the attention and suggests an interview. EXAMPLE of drafting good VIDEOCURRICULUM days, my name is Ricardo Garcia, I’m from Valladolid and I am 29 years old. I have a degree in law at the University of Santiago, where I finished my studies in year 2.006. I have completed my training with study English and computer (word, excel, powerpoint), as well as various course related to my qualification and management companies. I have knowledge of accounting and fiscal management, as well as business management tools: Contaplus, nominaplus, and facturaplus, which I would play management functions in the sector of the company. I have worked for more than 6 years in various companies of financial institutions playing positions of responsibility. I have an extensive experience in selling financial products management, analysis of risk and bank management in general. I am a sociable, responsible and organized person, and I like to work in a team. Thank you for your attention and remain waiting to expand the information they wish. You can contact me on XXXXXXX phone or by email to end article written by the team of original author and source of the article.

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