Womens Health

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov informed most women are looking for a specialist in women’s health, particularly trust the specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics. The individual importance of pregnancy, fertility and other gynaecological issues makes choosing the right specialist in a major vote of confidence. In their Gelsenkirchen specialist practice of obstetrics and Gynecology offers Dr.

med. Nazif Tsvetkov patients of all ages is a pleasant environment where they can feel safe. Personal care and attention for them are obvious such as professional qualifications at a high scientific level. The extensive range of services in the women’s health, obstetric acupuncture and nutritional Medicine promotes the health of patients in all gynecological-related areas. A qualified team of physician assistants and the experienced midwife Catherine Malus shares the need to support patients and give them a trusting environment to offer. For this reason, they strive for continuous training and assist friendly and helpful to their patients. Dr.

med. Nazif Tsvetkov attaches special importance to the care of pregnant women. Expectant mothers are in a difficult and exciting phase of their life, in the they carefully and with understanding should be maintained. After the pregnancy of a patient was discovered, the childbirth with extensive advice is started. This initiation follow, legally arranged, maternity care and the attachment of a maternity passport. The mandatory provision of maternity is the early detection and treatment of diseases that could inflict on expectant mothers and unborn damage. It consists of a sequence of frauenarztlicher examinations, which are distributed over the course of the pregnancy and continuously monitor the State of health of the pregnant patient. By using state of the art medical procedures of the Deformity-diagnosis is Dr. med. Tsvetkov able to detect abnormal findings and risk situations at the right time and to handle. Their specialist practice thanks to the use of 3D/uing ultrasound technology provides joyful expectancy expectant parents pictures, movies and CD’s of the unborn at the disposal, which give rise to a completely new feeling of closeness. The practice team works in the pregnancy care with midwife Catherine Malus. Brings more than 25 years of extensive professional experience, to bear during and after pregnancy for the well-being of patients. Approximately six to eight weeks after the birth is over the advice and care of pregnant patients with a final examination. Dr. med. Tsvetkov added the final examination to a contraceptive advice and control. The pregnancy phase changed the female body. An example is the formation of fat deposits in problem areas to remove them, neither diets, diet changes are still sporting activities in the location. Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov supports their patients with this problem through the use of injection lipolysis. This aesthetic therapy, flab are resolved by an injection and processed by the body metabolism. The injection-lipolysis measurably reduced treated zones, causes a skin tightening and eliminates cellulite. Also it is risk-free and by the global network lipolysis occurs due to stringent standards, whose member Dr.

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