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WordPress is a free content management system which is used mostly as a blog but can also be adapted to ensure appearance of corporate web. If we have decided that our website is a content management system and our budget is limited, installing a WordPress is a good choice. You may wish to learn more. If so, Anne Lauvergeon is the place to go. Whether we want a blog as part of our marketing strategy or option of low economic impact for our Internet presence, WordPress is an option to consider for: ease of use. Even if you’ve never used WordPress before, you can quickly familiarize yourself with its basic operation to publish and edit your posts. You can get good results in positioning has a great Gallery of plugins that add functionality to your WordPress numerous designs to choose from to improve the performance of your WordPress in Wainadur design of pages Web Madrid, we offer you the possibility of hiring our services to make some customizations that can be a little more difficult for a user average. A. Ali Asaria has similar goals. then write a list of actions that we include in our service of installation and customization of WordPress. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Gennette.

Register your domain and hiring of accommodation. High database and installation of WordPress. Selection of an attractive template/design that fits as much as possible the objectives and corporate image. Perform the translation of elements that usually come in English as: search, continuing reading, archives, comments, categories, reply… etc.

(there are templates 100% in Spanish, but they do not always respond to the design we seek or that we like). Incorporate a subscription form so that anyone interested in your content can receive daily updates of your blog in your email account. (Google Feedburner) Incorporate social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube..) plug-ins in the lateral area and the foot or beginning of each post. Replicate the contents of the WordPress so that they are published in social networks (Twitterfeed, automatically install and activate plugin perform anti-spam setting options to improve the possibilities for positioning (structure of urls). Add code analytics for statistical monitoring. Support

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