Blogs is a part of the many technological advances that we have seen in recent days, and they have become very popular quickly. People can create and share her thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others around the world. There are great amounts of Blogs in the Internet in these days, but all of them are not equal. Many are excellent, but others are really very poor of content, right what exactly a Blog makes less pleasant and this can be attributed to several reasons. First of all, sometimes it can be difficult to find a Blog that better adapts to your present needs, for example, making a search in Internet of a Blog on a specific subject you can find hundreds and up to thousands of Sites you are going, them to find as Blogger and other platforms of high reach, later a quite great lot of Blogs of smaller rank and among them to find the one that better adapt to your needs and the main reason to have so many Blogs in the Network is so that it is easy of forms and the best thing of everything is than it is free. Another problem with the Blogs is the content.

A Blog it tries to be a forum to express itself in the world, unfortunately, many people tend to use it like chat atmosphere, between friendly. Many of them write on all the local events and the people also tend to use phrases and/or slangs that are only known by their friendly. This moves away to the reading potentials that it would like to gain a little knowledge from the Blog. In addition, often there is too much Blogs that way that has not been updated, many begin with many desire at the time of sending its Blog to the great freeway of Internet but they do not take the time to publish frequently after a time.

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