Represents the Project Gofhan Racing 4 Project Gofhan Racing 4 puts on schedule in everything from car models to weather effects. The first thing you sweep started playing, great-vosozdanye parts of cities around the world in which the race will take place especially looks route of the northern capital in the rain that causes vostorrg not only for its graphics performance but also by how it affects the control of the car take into account the ratio Razrabatchiki skolzheniya, behavior on the road for skidding and a host of other factors, so that vezzhaya at high speed into a puddle, you can be sure that in the near corner you enter vryatli little less succeeded snow, ice and fog, and even so you will probably enjoy the challenge that weather conditions brasayut your driving skills A drive this game is on something bolee120 powerful machines, among which finally appeared the leading manufacturers of motorcycles-Ducati; Honda; BMW and other motorcycles driving As a whole rather fun, but they are too zealous (even compared to a sports car) and neverayatno sustainably, which of course is not quite accurately reflects the true situation, but they can perform realistic tryuki.Ot simulation game features and the lack of damage modeling for games like suddenly, there are many single-player modes from the arcade to the latest career challenges you only become the best in the world and gonschikom towards etoiu title you have to work hard earning points for his skillful management of the machine when it buduyuschie developments are reflected in a virtual calendar, and can nakladyvatsya each other so that you have to choose which race you vozhnee In other matters when the career mode will remain behind you can safely pass play onlain, where interesting and worthy opponents to fight can last much longer, the benefit of multiplayer modes abound Vobschem game very beautiful, great technical and will appeal to both novices and experienced drivers.

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