In addition the Commission formulated the request for pardon is appointed by the Minister of Justice, but he not named it. This Commission was appointed by the previous Minister. And it is not sure that Minister was. Jaime said as a little offending: don’t get as deliveryman or Messenger Aurelio said that formerly the Minister could say, and this was changed with a regulation in which the Minister no longer believed. But I will not change when he was Minister, I change much more earlier. Jaime insists you answer what you never would say, telling him the following: suppose that your opinion as Minister is not relevant, but your opinion in this program if relevant; aside from all this, you were in agreement, or were not agree? Aurelio said flatly: this is one response that only tell it to the President and not’m going to give you this response slightly angered Jaime, and told him that this answer was unworthy, and disrespectful with the citizenship. Aurelio said something true. He had talks with the President that could not disclose.

And Jaime smiled in a sarcastic way. The public supported it with laughter in the Studio, to which Aurelio said in a funny way: the public is quite chonguerito tonight Jaime then insulted the Peruvian people in general saying: El Peru is a chonguerito country, because if not, not had elected to Alan for second time Jaime already started to exasperate and in an arrogant mannerheated, and abusive since it is your program and abuses of this said to him: that your come here, to say, that you will not say what is your opinion about clemency when you were Minister of Justice us, is taking us for fools Aurelio Aurelio: do your suponias because I came here, I had to necessarily tell you which was my opinion on this? There are things that I cannot say and point do you intend to confront me with the President? Without wishing to defend the former Minister would like to point out that said something good, but true: what happens is that I wasn’t going to support in any way, that the pressure of a powerful media group, decide when a Minister will be, or not to close this interview Jaime, asked him in an arrogant manner: so that you have come to the program if you’re not going to give opinions? Aurelio: Because you’ve invited me Jaime: I you have therefore invited to know if you were against or in favor of the pardon Aurelio: but you had told me then he interviewed Giuliana Llamoja, a former convicted sentenced for the murder of his mother and poet who serves. In reality all inmate deserves a chance for his claim, but nor are may be popping him firecrackers. In General, the programme last night from Jaime Bayly, was not to my liking, not entertained me almost nothing, except some that another spark of political humor. I hope next Sunday a little more, entertains me to have fun with the crazy idea of this character, to say that he wants to be President of the Republic. In that case, Yes, the Peru would be a chonguerito country what crazy isn’t it?

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