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Walking Atlas presents the new nature trail victory today as the hike of the month in seven stages (Beselich, March 15, 2011). From Siegburg in the Wambui Landchen the nature trail as Wandermagazin realized victory leads 100 mile right and left the victory upriver. The project office in the Department economic development of the Rhein-Sieg district, has completed the signs and will experience nature officially open the nature trail of victory to the active fair on the first weekend in April. Advance the GPS Hiking Atlas presents already the nature trail victory Germany today in seven stages on the Internet page including the GPS tracks for free use. With the nature trail victory, the Sieg Valley to the hiking season 2011 presents itself at its best. Almost exclusively on small paths and trails, the Trail opens up numerous impressions of nature and binds sent cultural highlights in the guidance.

Starting point the Siegburg district Wolsdorf, some 2km is from the station of the district. About the Wolsberge it goes through the nature reserve of arms of victory Valley and the Wetland in the HUF forest towards the Wahnbach reservoir. Monastery Seligenthal is located below the 200-acre lake for drinking water. It was 1231 as established the first Franciscan monastery North of the Alps. Continue funnels Eid, the largest contiguous forest area in the Bergisches Land in it. Above the famous pilgrimage church of Bodingen, the nature trail leads victory then on the Bulgenaueler victory loop and up to the medieval city Blankenberg. Next target point on the nature trail victory Merten has its former Augustinian monastery and the parish church of St. Agnes.

The Mertener height and the melting Valley reaches the victory Valley nature trail victory again and heading to Herchen. From here there is a round trip through the Leuscheid in the Westerwald in the distance worked, before the final leg leads to the ruined castle Windeck. The nature trail victory is interesting not only for hiking tourists away marching the stages in a row. The entry points of the stages are chosen, the one about the Sieg Valley Railway also comfortable with the S-Bahn line 12 of Cologne and Troisdorf the Rhein-Sieg-Express from Aachen via Cologne after victories that can achieve victory in each start and destination points on the nature trail. In the medium term the nature trail victory to local circuits should be supplemented and extended perspective then also further upstream. Opening the Wandermagazin start but in the form published in the walking Atlas Germany. The walking Atlas Germany introduces the nature trail to victory on Tuesday, 15 March, in an overview and presents then in the following seven days a stage of part of. The individual routes can

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