Planning Strategy

Anywhere you see a successful business, someone once made a decision with courage-General Peter Drucker considerations, scopes, impact fortunately companies have an administrative tool that know it handle can guarantee good profits and above all the challenges, opportunities which may occur in the environment in which they operate. In the Venezuelan case, strategic planning is vital in a good management, above all, to the characteristics of a turbulent scenario as that currently faces and has had much impact on enterprises, particularly on SMEs, given the impact of a new Government that has resulted in actions that have significantly impacted on the operation of enterprises, its productivity, especially for fear of these face a socialist system that have never been used. It is a true fact, that facing this reality should the companies through a good management with vision, prepared according to the requirements of the modern managerial topics, focus on the proper handling of strategic planning, in addition to the features of the scenario, the new circumstances of openness, competition, opportunities for partnerships, taking new foreign trade and policy course, the impact of globalization, which is becoming increasingly more growing dynamics, which the region’s companies take very in serious obligation of having to modify in any way radical shape in that were operating. The old practices through which secured success because they do not constitute any guarantee to confront the situation. Management practices derived from a new paradigm conceptual (conceptual approaches and beliefs, standards and rules). Aspect that universities, schools of management, its graduate programs should consider and provide accurate knowledge to take advantage of opportunities and ensure the changes that benefit them, training, trained professionals suitable for this purpose. Consider, in this new situation in that begins to operate new variables of greater turbulence and complexity, it is essential for both regional and national companies, prepare adequately in the field of strategic planning who also is known as strategic management or business strategy.

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