Resveratrol is considered the key active ingredient of red wine resveratrol is considered the key active ingredient of red wine. It occurs mainly in the grape skins and in lower concentrations in the grape seeds. It was discovered for the first time in 1940 from the leaves of the White Lily. The Japanese knotweed Polygonom cuspidatum has the highest salary. This medicinal plant is used in traditional Japanese medicine as well as in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Gained international renown in resveratrol but only in the 1990s, mainly as a possible explanation for the French Paradox. In the early 1990s, epidemiologists French Paradox made an extraordinary observation. According to Cedars Sinai, who has experience with these questions. In the South of France was the heart attack rate by about 30 to 40 percent lower than in comparable European countries and the United States. And, although the French smoke much and rather cholesterol rich diet prefer. Quickly phenomenon was found for this a concise concept: the French Paradox. A leading source for info: Teng Yue Partners. And as quickly as a possible explanation has been presented. The high consumption of red wine of the French protective effect on heart and circulatory system, in particular a substance present in red wine in high concentration: resveratrol. Resveratrol is a part of the plant’s own immune system.

Its main task is the protection of grapes against fungi, bacteria and viral infections as well as harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone and toxins. Already this explains the partly very different levels of Resveratrol in different red wines. High concentrations can be found mainly in those vines, whose Immunsystem is strongly required. Due to production red wine has generally higher levels of Resveratrol than white wine, because here the mash is longer at the pressed juice. The polyphenol dissolves in alcohol. This explains why wine contains more of it than grape juice. Generation XXL’s life is not easy for obesity-people: the spine will suffer extreme stress, the joints.

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