Returned Prostatitis

Complete cure prostate – it is really a sore point for many men. In principle, I never said that guarantee a final victory over prostatitis. And not a clever doctor or healer will not say so. More accurate and would be correct that the purpose of treatment to achieve the most long-term remission (a period of time after treatment has ended up having to re-treatment). The average remission treatment by traditional means is about a year and a half at least. In your case, the period of remission was not more than 9 months, that says something about not really high-quality treatment, or of some pathogenic factors. Therefore the main task for the treatment of prostatitis, I see in increasing the period of remission. Practice shows that to achieve remission is possible and in a few years, it is possible if five years prostatitis is not shown, then can we talk about and treated.

However, to achieve similar results can not go the traditional way – to keep an appropriate way of life, to take preventive measures to avoid factors causing prostatitis. What can aggravate prostate before the end of standard term remission? Of course, any sexual infection. Second, the stagnation (irregular sex), too much stress on the body (including sexual excesses). I draw your attention, which causes prostatitis factor may be a weak immune status of the organism and many types of infections in this background. No less than genital infections (trichomonas, chlamydia, etc.) are dangerous habitual

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