The Religious Sailor

does not exist marine old and nor modern admiral Lutherking Handle! (interesting as in the Navy it has military with foreign names) said Gadelha if approaching with the broom in hands. marine Fala answered the handle without giving to much attention it. the street that ordered me to Mr. to sweep already is clean. I can go to lunch? It is that I go to enter of service said it after having done a pipe the side for the superior. Is well, can go. But you are knowing that well she is swept, but can improve warned it.

Yes Sir! that he is co to me call it the refectory them and lunchhed hastily. It was almost in the hour of the stop of the service, where they received the determination on this. Engoliu the food and ran in direction to the state room, a species of would carry, where the military would have to congregate themselves. It was almost arriving there when they had announced for the high falante congregating. Still well that it already had fond. Albelard already was there and any error would be fatal.The officer of service of the day gave to all the necessary instructions for the fulfilment of the duty of all, the security of the quarter. When they had been excused, Gadelha discovered that Albelard sergeant was of policy service, in which would have to all make the patrol in the quarter. He also assured that everything was in sequence, if the military of guari them to you were correctly of service.

He was of warned. He could not commit no slip. He needed to continue in the Navy. any infraction could complicate its situation, to the eves of the course stops> said some sailors. Quer to finish with my career! said others.

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