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And the suspect in the band should, perhaps, a bitter enemies who are afraid of further promoting the already famous brand or the most devoted fans. Past tense thinking processes often lead into the slums of here at mately ideas: "screen by default crap, because the original splendor of unattainable", "Give me a letter by letter transfer games to film, and we say that it is good" and so on. Well, God bless them, with a stubborn fans and haters, back to the harsh reality that for the unfortunate Halo is not just hard, and to some extent, even cruel. Companies Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox, almost half a year ago wrested from competitors the right to hire Halo in North America and the rest of the world, respectively. Click Governor Cuomo to learn more. suddenly asked heels – yes such haste that the world community is still scratching their heads over its causes. Rumors go to the most different.

One of the most popular says that distributors deserters frightened excessively overgrown budget, which at first was sort of like $ 135 million, but then all sorts of different reasons, flew to heaven. However, Ken Kamis. Representative of halo-producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. categorically stated in this regard as follows: "The only budget that we discussed – is 145 million minus 12.5 per cent discount for the shooting in New Zealand. That is, if someone is at odds with the arithmetic, something around 128 million. Tea, not "King Kong" shoot ". The truth probably lies in the reluctance of acute Universal and Fox agreed to pay Microsoft prior to 10% of the ultimate profit from the rental, $ 5 million of which would have to detach for 15 October.

Apparently, the film adaptation of Halo was left without distributors shortly before that day, but that the whole world learned about such a sad event later, so it is normal practice in both cine and in any other entertainment (and other) industry. Microsoft, of course, could not refrain from stinging comments about the situation. The Corporation stated that terribly disappointed by the acts of their former partners – say, unbecoming first to accept the proposed terms (especially since Microsoft had previously demanded a 15% profit, or $ 10 million up front), and a few days before the deadline for the first payment to include reverse gear. However, betrayal betrayal, and make a film still needed. Therefore, preparatory work will not be stopped for a second (in fact, the guys at weta studios spetseffektnoy reportedly already have done such that all witnesses of the joy faint) and the search for new distributors are actively being – Microsoft rightly expects that want posverkat its logo before the opening credits there is a lot of Halo. The only question is, will it succeed this time to agree on a price.

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