University City

A cheerful companion you serves almost vehicle during the trip. Siro Publius after spending a week in Parma and travel to the South of Italy, especially Brindisi, less chilly than this, and return to return to stay two months in it, the truth that in cold weather, especially for those who are not accustomed to it, it is very hard, because its temperature is very low, often below zero, with snow, making it very difficult to exit. However, the inhabitants of this city, accustomed to these climates, very cold in winter and hot in the summer, enjoy it, therefore, not surprising to see people walk from the city centre, go purchase the street mercaditos on Wednesdays and Saturdays, near train-station, to buy winter clothes at an affordable pricecheap, since that is in mind many clothes usad, but also new at affordable prices. It should be noted that Parma is a city with a high cost of living. Also not surprising that there are a large number of non-EU, black of the Africa, (already very common in Italy), as also in other countries, Albanians, Russians, Poles, Chinese, Japanese, and occasionally some latino, as well as young people in other Italian cities, studying in the University. Its dynamic and beautiful Plaza Garibaldi posts there are cafes d, where sit down to spend some time, pizzeria and is a public place of protest. They are few supermarkets in the Centre, you should go outside to buy food, and for those who do not possess auto is very complicated, but there are very good public and punctual transport services. If it is true that there are few taxis for the cost they represent, besides that Parma is a practically University City and of course, very famous for its ham and his prized and exquisite Parmesan cheese. Personally, I had to dwell in the center of the city, where I was very easy to walk and go to foot to central station which it being rebuilt and that since then, compared with other stations near it, they are better equipped, he did so on foot and took 15 to 20 minutes to reach despite the cold.

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