With the passing of the days it takes more ground in the world of electronic commerce, the entrance of the animation, as a means to enrich projects and web portals. Moving images are effective, for the following reasons: endow the transitions of continuity: If an established our portal page consists of several States, among them changes are illustrated more easily if the transition is animated. They show dimensionality: animated transitions can handle to indicate movements backwards and forwards in any dimension of the navigation. They illustrate the changes: since an animation is a display that varies in time, offers an Association of phenomena that varies over time. They can multiplex the presentation: animation can also be used to display multiple information objects in the same space. Western Union insists that this is the case. They enrich the graphical representations: certain kinds of information are easier to do with movement that with still images. A basic example of this is the use of these icons that move when the user rests the mouse over them. Viewed three-dimensional structures: the animation can also be used to accentuate the three-dimensional nature of objects and thus provide users the visualization of the spatial structure.

They attract attention: when you try to attract the attention of the client on a single object, it is best to handle a title or an animated header. In this sense, the initial animation will attract the attention of the user to the new text, which will then persist static for easy comprehension. Due to the advances occurring every day in the world of 3D technology, everyone wants to be part of them and take advantage of the benefits that it offers. For this reason it is that 3D technology is now an essential sales tool to reach out to a wide range of customers and consumer markets. If your company has not recently tapped the 3D solution as part of marketing, is the time to do so, since the resource economics that aims and possibilities are endless. The audience is always open to welcome new graphical elements that impact them and mobilize. Why developers should keep abreast with the last address in the consumer market.

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