Common Errors

Here detail you the errors more common is each 1 credit cards. Use too many cards. Most of the times a credit card is sufficient to meet the needs of a normal person. More cards means more impulse buying and more spending and debt. Multiple credit cards also give the sensation that has money and making missing necessarily spend.

2 Pass through high launching interest rates. Launch interest rates are usually very low. People often get caught with these rates so low, without knowing when it ends this launch period and how much will the interests once not completed such period. 3. Do not read the small print of contracts. This is a very common mistake.

It is extremely important to read the small print, applied commissions, interest rates, etc. 4 promotion period. Pay only the minimum payment. This is another very common mistake. Credit cards should be used only in case of emergencies. People must understand that the money on the card is a credit that must be returned and that does not constitute any regular additional income. With minimum payments, the problem is compounded, because that is very difficult to lose the remaining balance. 5 Pay later: with cards you must always pay on time, otherwise they are loaded you abusive commissions. All that without taking into account possible annotations are delinquent records.

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