Content Management Sytems

Why TYPO3 can help you to maintain your website easily and place better in search engines! A website should be attractive, functional and up to date. While you can still argue about the layout, there is the issue of functionality and up almost no room for discussion. Just the nagging issue with the current content was previously often associated with an increased workload. The pages were updated manually by an editor, saved and uploaded again – the cost involved often prevented a current and thus also interesting site. In periods of search engine optimization, it is however always “Content is King” – and not any content, but prepared well, topic and date in particular. By using a so-called Content Management Sytems (CMS), updates, changes and adaptations to a website quickly and above all without programming knowledge directly online.

There are now such CM systems in many different forms and Price ranges. As an online agency in Rosenheim, we have specialized in the use of free open-source system TYPO3. The advantages of TYPO3 are talking for themselves: – No license fees – Open Source – Short reaction time – Easy maintenance of your website – no programming skills required – No special software needed – TYPO3 is operated in a web browser – Configurable administration rights – Strict separation between content and design – Layout changes can be accomplished quickly and easily – Automatically create and update the navigation – Content is stored in a database, ensuring high data security – Modular design enables full-time extension – Search engine parameters are taken into account and can be adapted to individual – Planning security through ongoing development – Easy integration of existing systems via programmable interfaces – Increased update frequency by simple instruction manual as – time-based publication, with more than 200,000 installations worldwide – from small Workshop to global corporation with various countries platforms – belongs to the leading TYPO3 content management systems.

A very active developer community ensures the continuous development and adaptation to new demands. If you are planning a new website, you should use a CMS to consider. The one-off cost of implementation is a bit higher, but you may incur as a result it barely costs because they can make the maintenance and updating itself.

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