Office Doctor

Fortunately when I got home my father had already gone to work, but also I could not escape the accusing eyes of my mother and her revenge by sending me with one of my aunts to the Center medical to be reviewed, obviously without warning me that this was the review or as it would be, is therefore that while the doctor made me lying on a stretcher with a kind of BRA’s legs and without underwear I knew that this was my mother’s revenge and revenge that she knew as it was this revision and uncomfortable so I say that should be for her also the first time that practiced it however I leave that oversaw that totally alone and above all without preventing me. After hands feel cold the doctor and any other instrument, I left the Office with tears in eyes with the feeling of having been outraged, then you hear the indications and the reprimands by careless that had been bah! as if not enough already. When I got home I had the feeling that the first thing you would see in the face of my mother was a kind of contentment and curiosity if the revision of the doctor had been so uncomfortable for my expecting it, is therefore to avoid lifting the look and do not see a supposed smile of satisfaction as well is that if it had thus never know it. I arrive overnight and opt for locked me in my room for avoid my father because I obviously felt that my mere presence was unbearable to the. In the morning came the new and newly aware Pope, who did not receive as many scolding like me since the had also been a victim of my deception therefore joined the chorus of reprimentas for my, thing that in some way could bear without complaint but the words that followed it made my voice recently repressed and offIt sounded like the roar of a wounded lion. My father was arranging a marriage to the speed of light.

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