Ukrainian Businesses

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Frame by frame Ukrainian business on the verge of another boom. Shortage of professional personnel is felt in most industries. Reduce the effectiveness of traditional methods of recruitment through advertisements, internet, human resources and common recruitment agencies, requires the use of new non-standard tactics to attract workers. More and more companies are turning to recruiting […]

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Distributors will be spending a lot of money, time, effort, to attend various workshops, purchase of new tools to work (videos, audio tapes, literature), communicating among themselves, Coloring your list of friends, drinking tea together, discussing the company’s leaders and much more. In other words, they will do all that at a regular meeting not […]

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Business Coach Training Center

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Let us now analyze the situation. Clearly, one can see here a lot. And the problem with the motivation of staff and organizational problems, and more. But since the topic of the article "Do I sell myself in the company?", Then I'll look at the situation from this point view. Tatiana – a typical "workhorse." […]

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The Referral

Reputation 300: – available for browsing from 00:00 to 01:00. Looking akkuanty users, I was shocked – the reputation of 500, 1000, 3000, was not thinking so much and dial in a year. But how to dial reputation and I have not noticed, I have already mentioned that doing the job, so here – for […]

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Yandex Money

Implemented a different matter ways. The main thing that it was not spam. There are many different service deliveries. Most of them are free. You register an account there, then get the code form of your mailing list, hangs it on your site, and offer your visitors subscribe to your newsletter. Another option to install […]

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