The World Of Soccer

The history of soccer, far from to be ligature always to the greatness of a popular sport, has been subject to the ups and downs of the history of the humanity and adapting to each culture until getting to become which today we know by soccer. History of Soccer to begin to narrate the history of soccer and to locate the origin of this sport would be necessary to go back until the old civilizations and empires, where diverse antecedents of games of ball with similar characteristics can be. Thus, according to some theories, the history of soccer could begin in the old Egypt, since during century III a.C was realised a game of ball like part of the rite of the fertility, in which practiced something similar to the handball. Nevertheless in China already a century had been invented the leather ball before, when Fu-Hi, inventor and one of the five great governors of the China of the antiquity, created a spherical mass joining several hard roots in the form of bristles to which it covered of crude leather; with this the ball was born from leather, with that one simply gambled to pass it of hand in hand. This ball was adopted later in the popular games of its neighbors India and Persia. On the other hand, in the old Hispanic civilizations also games of ball are known more similar to which it is known today like soccer. Thus for example the Aztecs practiced tlachtli, a mixture between tennis, soccer and basketball in which the use of the hands was prohibited and the feet and the captain of the defeated equipment were sacrificed. The history of soccer would continue in the classic Greece, where Homero even got to also make reference to a game of ball, to which called ' esfaira' or ' esferomagia' due to the sphere done of ox bladder that was used in the same.

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