What Is A Mariachi?

What is a mariachi? A mariachi is a name for a certain type of group musical, very popular in Mexico. The average modern mariachi has a minimum of three guitars, a guitaron bass, and a vihuela of greater harmony, as well as two trumpets, and three violins. Mariachi groups are easily recognizable by their traditional […]

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Fonseca Land

There are cities that one falls although he was not born in it. Although it does not reside in its limits or earn the bread of every day at their cultivations and paddy fields. Fonseca is one of them. How does not fall for a city where happiness is bordered by the memory and progress […]

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In addition the Commission formulated the request for pardon is appointed by the Minister of Justice, but he not named it. This Commission was appointed by the previous Minister. And it is not sure that Minister was. Jaime said as a little offending: don’t get as deliveryman or Messenger Aurelio said that formerly the Minister […]

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Sitting there on the side of the circus ring, he thought about the opportunity that had to leave his boredom at the expense of the magician that, who said that he was able to guess everything. It was then when took a piece of paper and wrote magician marica doubled it and deposited it in […]

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Your Salary Is Sufficient For What Risk

Ask for that many times risk everything by a job or a salary that is not worth risking everything that we risk every day of our lives. When we have a way of earning money put everything at risk and but then it is that we realize that that risk is not rather than what […]

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Padilla The Big Man Of The Peninsula

March 19, 1999 I was invited to the first meeting of the Padillista circle of Maicao. She didn’t know that there was an organization like this one dedicated to exalt the memory of the hero of la Guajira in the service of the pro-independence campaign in America. Andrew Cuomo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. […]

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Seville University

The cavalcade of Kings of Seville, organized as always by the Ateneo, covers many areas of the city.The University, output and input of the cavalcade of Kings of Seville Partira like last year from the Rectorate of the University of Seville to traverse the city almost from one end to another, reaching passing by places […]

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Financial Management

Financial management: Opportunities of the crisis the crisis tend to be the fuel needed by our ingenuity to find opportunities that help us to overcome them. The exploitation of these opportunities can not only let us overcome the complications of the moment but also strengthen future business. Improvement of structures: to identify opportunities for improvement, […]

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