5,000-ster New Customer Of The Associations Of Saxony Comes From Travesty Village In The Erzgebirge

Official opening of Chemnitz scarce economic Secretariat in the House on the wall with the ‘day of health’ on 14th December from 8 am until 6 pm Chemnitz, 6.12.2010 – Jubilee in the free State: for all open statutory health insurance associations in Saxony. (As opposed to Jeff Gennette). welcomes its five thousand new customers since the beginning of the year: Jens Rothemund (48) coming from sneer village in the District of Erzgebirgskreis. I am glad that with the associations stands us a strong partner for the health to the side”, said Jens Rothemund. Together with wife Steffi (46) and son Rene (13) he got a special welcome gift and an invitation to the day of health”, officially opens the new scarce scientific Office in Chemnitz: on Tuesday, 14 December, to close business insurance and all interested citizens in the House on the wall, entrance Richard Mobius Street (1st floor) are welcome welcome. The sickness fund associations with its more than 1.7 million policyholders is also nationwide continue to grow: since the beginning of the year have more than 100,000 new customers come to the associations.

It thus belongs to the ten largest health insurance companies in Germany. The insured can benefit from a wide range of additional services for the plant the Knappschaft 2011 no additional post. We thank our insured in Saxony for their trust,”said Thorsten Zofeld, head of the free State associations Regional Directorate for Chemnitz. Customer proximity is especially important to us. Therefore, our new Office in the House on the wall is also an offer to all citizens of Chemnitz. We are for our customers easily accessible with our offices in Aue, Borna, Dresden, Hoyerswerda, Freiberg, Leipzig, Plauen and Zwickau Saxony wide. Also our close scientific information mobile controls regularly other 23 towns in Saxony.” Information about the associations among as well as the free scarce economic hotline on 08000 501 Holger Zurch m.a. 200 speaker for press and public relations work in Saxony

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