Revolutionary Committee

Carried out geological research and in the second half of XIX century in Unechskom area, part of which then belonged to Surazh district. It will be recalled as the activities of Nicholas Shchorsa – the hero of the First World War. His name is closely connected with Unecha station. Monument to Nicholas Shchors in Unecha […]

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Traditional Farm Holidays In South Tyrol

Farm holidays South Tyrol – farming tradition in the fantastic scenery of the southern side of the Alps welcome to experience nature on the farm – according to the Moto and enjoy nature the farms in South Tyrol offer an authentic vacation for the whole family. The living tradition of South Tyrol, the warm hospitality […]

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Charles University

(Theoretically, it is at this sentence could have ended the interview, because most part of it right about aplikantov with little motivation). – I am a true (perhaps because it was not desirable to mind) I have an example. In 2007, I taught Czech language at Charles University in Prague. A month later, I spoke […]

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Christmas In The Winter

What you can do in the winter in Dresden is on visit in Dresden offers a lot of ways that you can make. Here, Andrew Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because it pays sometimes to plan a whole weekend. But it often happens, that the lust that fades if the weather does […]

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The United States Visa Services Of The American Dream

The advises American dream and gives assistance to the appropriate categories to select whether business, due to an employment relationship or for private reasons there are many reasons and for short or long in the United States to reside possibilities. The American dream helps, that finding the right visa. Entry into the United States, whether […]

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European Province

Canada – the second largest country in the world, and Quebec – the largest and most highly developed province in the country. The official language here is French, or rather its peculiar dialect. The provincial capital is the same name – Quebec. Which, translated from French means "confluence", because it is in the mouth of […]

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El Dorado

Many issues related to the prehistoric past and the river Tsny. To date, however, as a hundred years ago, the banks and flattering Zhitnik Wide channels (so-called sleeve that separates the island of El Dorado on the north side) remains a favorite spot for residents of the city of Tambov. The native channel Tsny on […]

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