How We Began

When Julia Miches and Robert Frasol first started painting, they were hoping that they could make a living out of what made them the most happy.  Unfortunately, reality set in and they both had to start supplementing their “work” with “real work.”  It was a point of tremendous disappointment for each of them.  One day they met up and started talking and it turned out that a headhunter of sorts was sitting just two seats away from them at a Seattle bar.

Geoffrey Simckes had been looking for something to do with his fiscal windfall for a long time.  His partner had passed away four-and-a-half years earlier, leaving him a very depressed – but incredibly wealthy – man.  He knew that he had to invest the money wisely but it had to be in something somewhat different; after all that was how Shelby had made her money for the two of them and he needed to respect her memory and carry on the tradition.

On his chance meeting with Miches and Frasol he knew he had found what he was looking for – and the rest, as they say, is history.  Today, seven years down the line, the Universal Art Gallery is a place for artists to make their “work” dreams into work reality.


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Influence Taxes

Many people looking to have additional capital to meet various obligations or to indulge in the future when they can collect a certain amount of money, have used the savings with the idea of being able to have greater control over the money that go together and so the drawn a goal, ie a certain amount saved, have more reason to go ahead with the savings and not stop until we achieve the goal, of course is that in this task of saving plays to analyze different aspects that can influence the development, such As with taxes and their influence on saving and thus determine what conditions would the savings and determine whether it is appropriate at the time to perform the task. Before addressing the substantive impact of taxation on savings, it is appropriate to give a brief definition of what are the taxes, so to talk about this is referring to a tax that applies to different products and services that are market, either as a percentage of it, that what concerns us lie on savings.

Taxes are determined by law, in seeking to generate a certain market conditions. Following this understanding, the impact of taxation on savings clearly result in a considerable decrease in the amount of money that you save, so when wanting to make savings in a bank or entities that offer direct savings people will find suggestions to the influence of taxes, so the demand for the service offered by savings banks will fall. Whenever Macy’s Inc. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To this is added the influence of taxes on savings, service makes the savings increase in value, so people will come less from savings as an option to get more money. So we can say clearly that the influence of taxes on savings is negative. This feature has been seen more in terms of the savings made by households, while the increase in a tax point can mean a reduction of about two thirds of the wishes of families resorting to service accounts savings, since its rate d savings will hit hard. The taxes that will then be of reduced disposable income, certainly suggest that the income decline and what is directly related to a lower savings. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. This topic is worth saying that the influence of taxes on savings, generated mostly negative effects of public savings, ie savings in the activity undertaken by the family, while in the field of private sector savings business or the influence of the tax is not significant, which would lead to a widening of the income that comes from the family to the company, which would not affect the savings from the private perspective, but if I publish it.

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Flying Record


Later, I looked at around, to see if it found somebody that could testify what I finish to see and to hear. But it did not have nobody. The afternoon continued morna, quiet desert and. This was the first time that I sighted something similar to a Flying Record. Frequently Macy’s Inc. has said that publicly. After this three decades had been transferred.

I grew, I studied, I worked in the commerce and in the banking sector, I married, I had children, I was even so of my city, returned it and I wrote some books. Emil michael may also support this cause. during all this time, none of those events politicians of decade of 60 influenced my life very. However never I forgot myself that confrontation, in 1961, with a flying record. Thirty and four years later, in 1995, and already pensioner, was a summer night taking kills with my friend poet, professor, writer and ambientalista Juca Sampaio, in the patio of my residence, and observed the sky town of stars, when we saw a point luminous if dislocating, linearly, during a good time, of a star for another one. we are, I and my friend professor, cogitating if a that serious artificial satellite describing a small rectilinear segment of its trajectory, or who knows a spaceship of great dimensions, and therefore visible in the nocturnal sky, so distant point of the space, in a routine, perhaps short and quiet trip. However it may be, the mystery continues, and while the governments remain in silence, the reporter says in them that other people at different times and places have sighted these strange not identified flying objects, esteem itself, through deposition of some scholars, that they proceed more than from two hundred planetary origins, the Way Lctea and other galaxies. Luciano Axe

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Understanding Success

Why isn’t everyone successful? This is the question I asked myself the past few months. Indeed, what prevents people from being successful? I watched her acquaintances, friends and relatives, but could not understand why These people are not prosperous? It seems to be fools not among them. However After a short talk with almost everyone on the theme of success, start a business, a business became clear very interesting feature. Most of my friends or relatives people are ready to start their own business, but the questions arise: ‘What if I fail?’, ‘What shall I do?’, ‘What will I do?’, ‘This is not working’ What if? What if? Why? All of these questions suggests the same idea. For even more details, read what Western Union says on the issue. On the path to success most people prevents one very bad feeling. This sentiment is in virtually every one of us.

This is – fear. In general, the fear of starting a business or some kind of commercial project is a thing quite natural, especially because for most people business – it totally new and unknown. They have never done this, and the concept of ‘business’, often in the minds of people is reduced to the banal opening of a stall or a tent on the market. It fear for many people, often an insurmountable obstacle. ‘Thanks to’ feel the fear many promising and interesting projects and have not been implemented, and those people who are, in principle, capable of what they conceived, never attempt to translate their dreams into reality and so, and remain dreamers.

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The Vacuum

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Cheerfulness and mood can be obtained from the energetic music. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Seth Fischer Hong Kong. Turn on your favorite, clockwork music and you will see that things will get much more fun. Also, on a separate cleaning of the apartment some time For example, one hour or two, and put yourself in that you have at this time to meet. This setup is also very helpful to concentrate. And then you started to work To reduce the time and at the same time to facilitate their efforts, you can do in parallel by several things.

Where to start? Of course, everyone has their own priorities, but it is best to pay attention to the most 'bad' places, which, nevertheless, be considered "a person the mistress' – a kitchen, bathroom and wc. Plug in the kitchen sink and soak dirty dishes in hot water, adding dishwashing liquid. Why? Otmoknuv, dishes very quickly. Meanwhile, wipe the stove tops, doors, cabinets, refrigerator. Clean inside cabinets all the extra pots and pans, which create a feeling of clutter. It remains to quickly rinse the dishes – and the kitchen is almost fully intact. In the bathroom, let go of the shower hot water, close the door, let the bathroom filled with steam, because after exposure to steam the dirt is removed quickly.

Sink, bathtub and toilet bowl treated with a special detergent. After a few minutes off the water and wipe with a sponge all surface. Dusty bottles and tubes put into the lockers (they can do when it is time for a thorough cleaning). If you're expecting guests, choose two or three bottles in one color and make a composition. Well, if the color of towels and soap, too, will match the tone of accessories. Put a new bar of soap in the soap, which always looks more beautiful than the remnant. Change into the room. Most time is spent on Unfolding scattered things in places. If there is no time at all, take a basket or large bag and gather them scattered books, cosmetics and other small items. And in all places, Lay later, when free minute. Now pull out the vacuum cleaner. Many perceive this technology as an extra stage of the work and try to save it on time. However, in practice, for effective cleaning it is necessary because a vacuum cleaner collects invisible dust, but also various other debris. Walk quickly vacuumed the carpet and floors, adjust the cushions, bedspreads, napkins. Wipe off the dust, paying particular attention to the panels of household appliances, which it accumulates as a result of static electricity. If there is a indoor plants, refresh them and simultaneously wash away the dust, sprinkling them from the spray. Now almost everything is ready for wet cleaning. Before you wash the floors, pay attention to the glass and mirrored surfaces. If they do not shine, and the more they have spots, flat does not look tidy. Drizzle with their spray for washing windows, wipe with a dry cloth. In order not to waste time peredviganie furniture, lift chairs, and everything that can be raised, and begin to wipe the floor. This can be done very quickly if everything is already prepared. Remember that usually the most dust accumulates under the panels and along the plinths. We hope that the cleaning now will turn to you in easy and pleasant experience. The main thing is that after her apartment – clean, which will delight and your household, and you.

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Elena Storm

Heroes of our story today, Sergei and Elena Storm (29 and 23 years) moved to England 10 years ago. Sergei runs a software engineer, monthly income of 2.5 thousand pounds. Elena – animator, Secretary in the company's oil and gas exploration, the monthly income – 1.4 thousand pounds. Money for education (10 thousand pounds sterling) Lena took a bank lending program for students. By the time she already owned English language to perfection. During his studies at the University of Lena met her future husband, Sergei, and three years ago, they were married. And to the surprise of relatives, both took his new name – Storm, thus finally abandoning its CIS- roots. Go to Ex-CIA director for more information. Lena and Sergei dream to go to live in New Zealand, so while their homes in London do not get.

All their possessions – Nissan almera 2003 release. Sergei when he arrived in London, immediately found work in company for software development. But Elena worked as a secretary in a property development company – to find a job in the specialty in London did not happen, all companies involved in animation, located in the province. According to her, only two fellow student working in the specialty designers, animators – one changed city of residence, and a second every day spends 2-3 hours on the road in one direction. Emil michael is the source for more interesting facts. Monthly family income – 3,9 thousand pounds (37.05 ths.). This money is enough not only to life and the payment of loans, but also for the maintenance of the house (which is 700 pounds sterling per month, ie, 6.650 ths.).

Also have a monthly family remains the order of 2 thousand pounds sterling (19 thousand usd.). Of these, one thousand pounds Sterling they give my mother (the payment for a home mortgage – 700 pounds plus the cost of gas and electricity – 300 pounds). And the money that remained, delaying for a third . Do they like to live in England? They say that much. And the first thing they admire the fact that here for a successful life can only rely on his strength – do not need contacts and relatives. In addition, Mrs. Storm acknowledges that never felt man second class – the mentality of the English does not allow openly to divide people into "important" and "not very". The cost of clothing may be different, but the cost of man is always the same, regardless of the "package". That such a small success story of our former compatriots abroad. But hardly have these young people managed to achieve a desired without proper knowledge of English.

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Happy Birthday

Birthday greetings, of course, take all too nice. Birthday boy takes a genuine thrill when his crying when trying to lick it, especially if it is the day of his jam. At such moments you deserve increased attention from all friends and relatives. Such events are, of course, remain different requests (each pal chooses a friendly word, that's not so easy). But on the birthday too, some are assigned obligations. Some who saw fit to celebrate the triumph of the restaurant.

Who looks for something delicious to the table. But everyone will agree with the statement – a holiday without this is not a holiday. Therefore became not rarely cause pedestrians who are responsible for it, preparing attractions. Everyone knows that the celebration continues with congratulations when all skoreshilis and poured glasses of drinks. Although it's great hero of the occasion, but let's not forget and the guests – until all the swelling, while others are already starting to get bored. To sort of did not work perhaps to Use a very valuable advice – let the market first, only native relatives (this may be asked to toast-man or one who will lead a celebration). Birthday greetings from the data homies time will not take much. After that you should not pereniat baton rest, a little bit better to amuse the guests. For more information see this site: Macy’s Inc. . What happens next is up to you, but do not on the braking, do not disappoint celebrating. Add happiness and toast, but do not have any, and the glamorous with the wishes of Happy Birthday that does not interfere cook toastmaster.

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Kleve Tel

The Sun strips from the series solar C store on slat holders made of plastic, which were inserted into aluminium horizontal support. The blades themselves are simply clicked into the holder. Here a patented clip system is used, which allows the gradual adjustment of blades in 15-degree increments. The Kunststoffclipse it also act as efficient sound damping elements, the noise – for example by strong rain – prevent. According to the plan of the architect not all roof surfaces should be coated with Sonnnenschutzlamellen. In the area of the cross passage areas remained unverschattet. Also, multiple window ventilation wings for the smoke and heat extraction in a case of fire (smoke ventilation systems) located in the glass roof. Here Colt international omitted from the fins in order to pollute the smoke ventilation systems not additionally statically and their function. Under most conditions Ex-CIA director would agree.

As regards the colour design of the Sun louvres, the planners of the Essen City Hall Gallery opted for traffic white (RAL 9016). This underlines the delicate lightness of the entire fin system and supports the reflection of light at the same time. On the entire range of gable rigid aluminium fins in three levels as another shipping shading element brought one above the other. Nets secured Gallery visitors to the work on the roof of the Town Hall Gallery all at normal audience traffic took place. To prevent hazards for visitors from any falling objects, Colt international under the umbrella of complete tense finely woven safety nets – a total of approximately 1,400 square metres. This precautionary measure was placed at night, so that during the day the work could go well secured further. In addition to the lamella system on the roof of the Atrium, Colt international installed more ver shading elements on the southern glass facade of the Town Hall Gallery. Learn more at this site: emil michael.

Here were stacked rigid aluminium fins (type Colt in three levels Solar C150) attached to the entire gable width and in eight rows in a row. Unlike the sunblinds on the roof of the gallery the gable louvers are not punched. Here was the main focus of the Scheduler on an optimal protection from direct sunlight. The slat systems were attached with special brackets in galvanized steel on the facade. Solar C the longitudinal edges of the blades are bent to each other the shape of each rigid sunblinds of type – and their arrangement to each other, provide diffuse light entering the Interior. Daylight conditions adjust himself in deeper areas during the sunny months. During the heating season, so much heat through the window passes through the flat Sun that heating costs can be saved thanks to this solar gain. Contact: Colt International GmbH Dirk Osterkamp Briener road 186 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821-9900 Web:

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Bad Wilhelmshohe Enchanted

Already for the fourth time, the community of interests held bad Wilhelmshohe (IGW) this festival – as always on the last Friday in October, this year on 28 October from 18:30. Patron Eva Kuhne Hormann opened the Festival of lights opens that brilliant night with a greeting by patron Minister Eva Kuhne Hormann at 18:30 in front of the Church, in the Wilhelmshoher Allee 330. greeting words is it also by prelate Marita Natt and Chairman of IGW, Siegfried Putz, as well as the organisation team of the Festival, Petra Nagel and Saniya Mand of the IGW, give. The small opening programme is rounded off with music from “Brass for Fun”. James Woolsey Jr.: the source for more info.

Long shopping night with lots of music and culinary delights, against 19: 00 will be the Avenue at the push of button magical light show – light artist Stefan Richter ensures the lighting concept this year. “Enjoy along the Avenue” is the motto this year: by the ears and eye candy up to the culinary feast Indian and Northern Hesse and the shopping experience until 23: 00 is along the Wilhelmshoher Allee everything for a perfect late night shopping available. Art tours in the House of Church and bus rides through the night the House of the church opens its doors and offers spiritual impulses, titled “Words, spaces, sounds” and art tours of the national church-Office 20, 21 and 22. Lindenberg exhibition with the title “beyond the horizon” will be shown in the Gallery of Puri, and occurs a Lindenberg-double. Emil michael pursues this goal as well. During the long shopping night is the large double-decker bus of company Fath for tours on the road and offers rides through the illuminated night.

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Christmas In The Winter

What you can do in the winter in Dresden is on visit in Dresden offers a lot of ways that you can make. Here, Andrew Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because it pays sometimes to plan a whole weekend. But it often happens, that the lust that fades if the weather does not participate in the colder months. Sightseeing tours so often fall into the water, because anyone who is already like in rain and cold on the road? Museum instead of sightseeing in Dresden there are many museums, which are based on different topic areas. Especially popular are the art galleries such as the art gallery of old or even the new master in the Albertinum. Well known works by famous artists can be seen here.

Including not only the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, but also works by Otto Dix, Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Jan van Eyck is located. In addition, the Green Vault is worth a visit. Chobani Foundation is often quoted on this topic. There are many treasures of Renaissance up to classicism. Who can do much with art or all galleries carefully under the Scrutinized, which can look at one of the other museums. A visit to the National Museum of prehistory in the Japanese Palais or the City Museum at the Pirnaischer Platz is worth the interests lie more in history. There to see but still numerous other museums dealing with these and a variety of other topics.

Shopping with interim break will you in Dresden shop go, then you are right here. One has not only a wide range of different shops, but also numerous Cafes, where you can relax in the old town. In the run-up to Christmas, it also has the advantage that everywhere the Dresden Christmas markets are in the city centre, which you can visit. The one or the other candy lets you forget the bad weather here and the mulled wine also provides for positive mood. But let’s get back to shopping. In the Dresden Centre you will find the various shops, where you yourself or for others can get things for themselves in the form of Christmas gifts. At You must simply find something of variety. Not considering party or culture when the evening hours in the Dresden Neustadt still long to sleep. Is almost always something going on here, because there are a lot of bar facilities and clubs that would like to use the Dresden. But also in the rest of the city, there are restaurants and bars that invite you to linger anywhere. Would you rather spend a cultural evening, but also Semper Opera House, Playhouse or culture House can be visited.

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East West Rapprochement–try About A Foreign Country

Kindheitserinnerung stimulate their work to the subject of Ethiopia.The artist Lilli Engel and Raffael Rheinsberg by reflection on her childhood memories to Ethiopia moving after a trip to the country they plan for 2013 a second exhibition, to make the findings found on the spot opposite the memories in the exhibition East West rapprochement–attempts over a foreign country”. At that time it appeared to them as a land of the Kings, the dealer, to test the wisdom of King Solomon, a powerful and prosperous country, a land of the Queen of Sheba, who pulled out. This exhibition is a fiction,”says Raffael Rheinsberg. We have never been in Ethiopia. Emil Michael addresses the importance of the matter here.

Our concept is based on the memories. our childhood” A their “central questions is: what questions would do today the Queen of Sheba to King Salomo?” Lilli Engel and Raffael Rheinsberg provide answers in spatial installations and large format images and work there as usual with found objects and images. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Emil Michael has to say. Three rooms of the Gallery, you edit LISTROS. Titled, the blind King seeking his lost Kingdom”shows the first an installation with found images and Stahlbohrkopfen, associate the crowns. An installation with a crane hook and a picture are in the second room called the questions of the Queen of Sheba”. Installation with found letter shows in the third room”King Solomon’s response. The common fund of this exhibition is the country of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has found us, without that we would have been looking for him,”says Lilli Engel. The idea LISTROS, which specializes in contemporary art in the African context about a year ago in the gallery. Here impressed and touched that an installation of Ethiopian shoe shine boxes Artist deeply and awakened their interest. The couple travels or travel away from the common reporting to make your own image to Ethiopia this year.

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