How We Began

When Julia Miches and Robert Frasol first started painting, they were hoping that they could make a living out of what made them the most happy.  Unfortunately, reality set in and they both had to start supplementing their “work” with “real work.”  It was a point of tremendous disappointment for each of them.  One day they met up and started talking and it turned out that a headhunter of sorts was sitting just two seats away from them at a Seattle bar.

Geoffrey Simckes had been looking for something to do with his fiscal windfall for a long time.  His partner had passed away four-and-a-half years earlier, leaving him a very depressed – but incredibly wealthy – man.  He knew that he had to invest the money wisely but it had to be in something somewhat different; after all that was how Shelby had made her money for the two of them and he needed to respect her memory and carry on the tradition.

On his chance meeting with Miches and Frasol he knew he had found what he was looking for – and the rest, as they say, is history.  Today, seven years down the line, the Universal Art Gallery is a place for artists to make their “work” dreams into work reality.


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Dives With Sharks

The reputation of sharks is truly not the best a risky vacation pleasure. Associate many with this species probably pure horrors thanks to Steven Spielberg and his films. Some seek adventure, and so diving with sharks in many resorts has become a popular leisure activity. Recent deaths as a result of shark attacks but show that the dangers associated with the tourist attraction are not to be underestimated, so questions regarding safety in the Center be made increasingly in this context. The travel portal informs about risks, but also positive sides of popular holiday activity. Dives with sharks are a popular vacation activity for several years and represent a lucrative business for the provider. During a holiday in Egypt, so not only a visit to the famous pyramids promises voltage. Use of underwater cages can tourists come close to the predators underwater entirely. More daring dive even without protective cage down into the depth. Ultimately, the tourists themselves must bear the risk. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nancy Glass. Divers should not forget that sharks are dangerous predators that can attack at any time. In particular the curls with food bait is massively in the criticism. So, financial aspects of such services often play a greater role as the security. The welfare of animals is also important, because the sensation tourism is stressful for the sharks. Animal rights activists see the positive sides of a well planned dive and hope that improved the reputation of sharks through the fascinating encounters. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

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Increase Traffic


Which way increase the traffic of a site have a high traffic is an almost essential requirement for the majority of businesses online, however, it is not possible to affirm that high traffic is a synonym for commercial success online. In other words, to sell on the internet, it is necessary to have a particular traffic flow, but have a high traffic does not guarantee that they become buyers. This has to do with the proper traffic and conversions. Before seeking a consultant at seo, there is much what can be done to promote a website traffic figures. Western Union will not settle for partial explanations. Firstly, it is essential to increase the visibility of the website by users. And, despite the changes in the habits of users, Google is still the first source of visits from any web page. So, as a rule number one to increase the traffic need to be indexed properly by Google. Social networks are another great source of visits from any site.

Of course that varies with each case in particular, but it is very likely that the number of visitors derived from social networks in any website always be much larger than the number of visitors entering the address manually the search bar or have saved within your Favorites web site. Therefore be linked to from social networks is another big step towards obtaining higher traffic figures. Consider the following. How many pages visits per day? Surely, many. But how many stores inside their favorites? Certainly, many less. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nancy Glass is the place to go. It is therefore necessary to be accessible and visible at all times, and social networks are the ideal way to achieve this. Getting inbound links to the website of quality is otherwise ensure a high Pagerank which put us in positions higher in the results pages.

Work on a strategy of creating networks of links is required to achieve an outstanding organic positioning. To obtain quality to the site links, however, it is necessary to take into account that the generation of those links should be from websites thematically related to ours in a way that traffic derived, really potential buyers of our products may become. Links of quality together with the significant presence in social networks comprise much of the authority of the website. Having a web site with more authority (notion that handles Google in its algorithm to create the Pagerank) is a gateway to more visitors, and increase Internet sales. It is a fact that the websites on the first page-hogging more visits than sites listed on the previous pages combined. So it is a good business the effort and appear in the first page (first 10 places) in the results produced by Google. Only by way of reference, be taken into account that position 1 usually, absorbs 42% of traffic while the 10 position, is barely followed by 10% of the visitors.

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Internet Advertising


If you want to advertise on the Internet, but do not want to pay the advertising companies in the hope that the Internet really understand and just advertise it very easily, I would like to give you some advice. First, Do not think that advertising on the Internet as easy, although it is true that it gives a very quick and positive results, but only as a result of literacy of its holding. Second, if you still decide to take up their own advertising, Determine exactly what you want to do. A lot of people incorrectly imagine the possibility of advertising on the Internet. It is generally believed that the most common and effective way – banner ads. About her write a lot of advantages – it can cover a very broad range of audiences and spend a small amount of money. Details can be found by clicking Mikhael Mirilashvili or emailing the administrator.

But we must not forget that banner ads are usually used in combination with other species, as necessary part of an elaborate advertising campaign. Do not think that placing a few banners on the Internet, you will have to attract many customers. Media advertising has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. So, if done separately from other activities, then most likely it has no effect and lead to complete failure of your advertising. Therefore, we must carefully use this type of advertising.

Banner Advertising does not attract the target audience, unless you choose with special care the appropriate portal or resource, drawing a study that shows what percentage of users of this resource is your potential buyers. As a rule, it is expensive and not all are able to competently carry out such a study. Unlike PPC, Banner, more and more beginning to annoy users, especially when very bright, moving, attention-grabbing images. But on the other hand, users have produced a kind of immunity to banners, and they cease to notice them, which does not contribute to the effectiveness of your advertising.

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Statistics Of Railway Transport As An Essential Tool For Marketing

It is no secret that in order to successfully develop your business, you need to study and analyze the actions of competitors, find their niche in the market. Some firms create their own marketinovye departments and conduct research creating a customer base on their own. Petplan Pet Insurance : the source for more info. It is expensive and not always justified. On the development of and training can take years. Learn more at this site: Mikhael Mirilashvili. Then, as a result of need as quickly as possible. Other firms are choosing the best option – use Knowledge of analytical centers. Information Agency "Railway-Info '- a professional in the field of market research and prepare analytical reports on the movement of industrial goods in the territory of Russia. Wide range of services and interested in even the most demanding clients: industry database of clients, statistics railway transportation of any goods (metal products, cement, fuel, etc.), database owners and renters of cars (rolling stock), analysis and analyst of railway transport, the calculation of rail fare, the ability to create a report based on a sample of the code of the goods, the enterprise or plant origin / destination.

Our agency will promptly process the application clients and deliver the final report to customers in the shortest possible time. Maximum detail of the report is its a plus. We offer an individual approach to each client. With us, it is convenient and pleasant to work thanks flexible pricing policy and the possibility to choose the convenient form of payment. Exclusive offer – the base of owners and renters of cars (rolling stock).

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Hyundai Accent


Such a machine is – it's Hyundai Accent / Hyundai Accent. And here's another very important factor – Accent surprisingly affordable. None other car has such a good ratio of price and quality. " The main thing for you – just choose the most suitable complete set of five offered a choice. You can choose the Hyundai Accent solely because of its pleasant appearance, but if we take into account unprecedented comfort and driving pleasure, the Accent – the obvious choice. Emphasis is widespread in Russia. Numerous shops offer to do tuning Hyundai Accent, capable not only to change his appearance, but also significantly improve the technical capabilities. Fans of this brand have created your own club Hyundai Accent, indicating that its full recognition in our country.

Everything that you get on Actually – it's freedom of movement, freedom of the circumstances, freedom from barriers. Versatile, spacious and easy to drive Hyundai Santa Fe / Hyundai Santa Fe / will always be a reliable companion in your ideas. Undoubtedly, you have your own unique style. And of course, you want to and your car has a personality that distinguishes it from other . In this case, the Hyundai Santa Fe Classic – the best choice. His strong and confident, the characteristic appearance – Not just a personal style, this declaration of independence from the usual stereotypes.

Car Classics – 6-cylinder V-engine volume 2.7 liters. Famous powerplant Delta series of company Hyundai. Has aluminum cylinder block and cylinder head. This engine has an impressive power reserve of 173 hp and fully comply with muscular profile of Santa Fe. Modern diesel engine with direct injection Common Rail, four-cylinder, in-line arrangement. The main advantages – high-torque and efficiency. By a power reserve of the car with this engine is perfectly suited for the Russian expanses. Steel car body . Amplifiers in the doorway of high strength steel are used to secure the side protection. Disc brakes on all wheels and abs in all of the car. Impeccable design, advanced security system and an expanded set of auxiliary equipment of the new Santa Fe reflect the essence of the brand Hyundai – striving for perfection and self-confidence. Hyundai Tager / Hyundai Tager / – all-wheel drive car with a radically sporty appearance. The model uses the licensed aggregate base Mercedes (engine and transmission) and has a classic off-road layout and facilities. Their true capabilities Tager begins to show when the normal end of the road and off-road begins. With the switch on the dashboard the driver can easily connect the front axle at a speed of 70 km / h, and in particularly difficult cases can take advantage of reduction gear. Grip greatly enhances the unique system of traction control (ABD). Working in together with abs, this system when it detects any slippage of the wheels automatically retarding it, passing the torque wheel having better traction at this point.

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Buy Shoes Wholesale

Today it boasts a large market worldwide in what refers to all kinds of shoes and sandals, which are acquired according to size, gender and preference of each person. Entrepreneurs who buy footwear have a wide range of assortments available with respect to models, designs and colors. Asian countries are the largest exporters of footwear wholesale worldwide. These exporters offer good designs and quality in their products at reasonable prices. It’s believed that Ben Lerer sees a great future in this idea. It should be noted that many of their importers belong to different zones around the world. Panama is a key point in Latin America and the Caribbean, because it has one of the most visited free zones: the free zone of Colon. This has a wide assortment of products which are exported to different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Zone Libre de Colon comprises all types of footwear and sandal with a wide range of models and colours for all genres and for any occasion, including those shoes brands recognized around the world such as NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, REEBOK, row, CAT, among others of very good quality with affordable prices. Another way to browse and buy shoes wholesale is online. Many times buyers have little time to visit and meet manufacturers and distributors who are dedicated to the sale of these products. An easy way to find varieties of goods is by using Commerce portals online. The most visited and recognized include for Europe; for Asian countries and that promotes companies of Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information for purchases to the greater, shoes wholesale.

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Raising the individual site profile by strategic position marker technical developments, demand behavior, stronger competition, political crises/breaks can lead to Diskoniunitaten of the environment, on which sites have little influence. What they have in hand, is this the most appropriate response. In the model of the scenario analysis, there is not only “the” future, but there are even more “Futures”, with which to be reckoned. While the own imagination often focuses on a linear thinking further, the situation due to o.a. can present themselves suddenly quite different changes.

It comes to depict images of a possible, in terms of data often still uncertain future. She was named for scenario techniques reminiscent of the scene descriptions in movie scripts: a scenario is the description of a possible future situation. The scenario technique it aims to transfer images to economic problems, also a possible future to represent. For this, a similarly structured site record can provide instruments that support a holistic site provision at local and regional level and thus necessary in the contest raising the individual site profile, with the particularly soft”location factors in a clear context can be identified, measured and mapped. CF.

Becker, Jorg: Non-financial site balance for business promoters and location decision makers, ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3. Measures and recommendations for action can be developed from the analyses and results of such an assessment of site potential-oriented. Easy to understand traffic light charts with red yellow green sectors for a clear classification of location factors reinforce the acceptance. Steps and milestones may for example be: evaluation and measurement of location factors. Self assessment as the key to improvement measures. Sample assessment questions and Review reasons. Review the site potential by measuring with counters. Mapping of indicators on locational factors. Effect relationships between site factors. If you would like to know more then you should visit Natasha and Chris Ashton. Analysis of the potency of site factors. Analysis of duration of site factors. Analysis and evaluation of the balance of the site. QQS-portfolio of site. A QQS bar graph with traffic light rating system. Assessment of site factors based on QQS profile diagram. Potential portfolio illustrates options for development of the site. CF. Becker, Jorg: Non-financial site balance for business promoters and location decision makers, ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3 site processes can be now more than ever of risks accompany and negatively affected. The purpose of a systematic risk management are therefore, despite existing or even increasing risks successfully to make the objectives of the site. It’s about the perception of risk and the probabilities. Risk is a situation bound to a range of options, which is defined by a probability. Single Risk situations differ among others, whether they be controlled or not. Jorg Becker (

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Sophora Makes News On Smartphones Of More Easily Usable

subshell GmbH developed new interface for retrieving “” now mobile can users of smartphones and mobile Internet that even easier as previously mobile get news of tagesschau. The also previously possible reception of live streams, podcasts, photos, and texts is about an own app with a new interface in the content-management-system Sophora significantly more comfortable. “Sophora ensures a fast, user friendly navigation within the offer of proven for many years and a good search function via the new interface to the app. Users can also evaluate content and enter into dialogue with the editors. Another advantage is that slim Sophora interface vendor neutral achieve all common smartphones can be “, so Jan Boddin, Managing Director of subshell GmbH. This all functions without any technical modifications to the CMS Sophora or the data model were implemented by the subshell GmbH.

The advantages of content management system proven in use for the ARD can be used completely for the new app. On the basis of Sophora interface, customized applications can be developed in the future to technical changes in a short time. Michael Mirilashvili addresses the importance of the matter here. The supply of new equipment is possible without further ADO. The content-management-system Sophora the Hamburg company subshell GmbH offers with Sophora a user-friendly high-end CMS, which is grown all editorial tasks and can flexibly be adapted to new applications. Sophora offers an intuitive interface, easy to use and powerful search, universal drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts, and a built-in image editor, which allows a work faster than traditional Web applications as desktop application. The publication of audio and video data is optimized, podcasts can be assembled directly in Sophora. In addition, the CMS is fully scalable. The site offers a test of the system de/sophora/download/index.html.

About subshell is the subshell team specializing in the care of business with high demands on its publication and content management. The customer base of subshell music Germany ZDF include under the Federal Centre for political education, the first, Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, Saarlandischer Rundfunk,, ticket online, and universal. The subshell GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim, to depict complex processes into simple and fast software solutions for companies. There are currently 24 employees at the headquarters in Hamburg’s HafenCity.

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Stefan Rosebrock Ruhrallee

The Essen-based company is based in the analysis of companies that, to make it as easy as possible for the decision-makers and focuses on core information. Rosebrock, to itself for many years in trading, Marketing Manager: there are three key indicators, which makes our form of analysis: 1 attraction of sales, 2. inserted advertising costs, 3. the market absorb force. You may find Keith Yamashita to be a useful source of information. And all this at a spatial level stipulated by the customer which he deems to be evaluated. This pragmatic approach has proven itself”.

The company offers the chance to make transparent the variety of local particularities of their individual branches so the chains and contributes, to insert a marketing budget for prospectuses and supplements in an appropriate manner. The approach, the information obtained is not new now to provide only the corporate headquarters, but the many tens of thousands of managers in the German retail company with a high degree of relevance accessible to make them. Together with a strategic partner, the company relies on the capabilities of the Internet: Web-GIS, an application that can be used on any Internet-browser. All information at a glance, a synchronous and data management, and interactive editing of local market details down to the last corner of the Republic. “, enthuses the Manager of Essen, this is another milestone to further increase the quality of obtained data.” The introduction phase of the calibrator has been completed this year. His optimistic attitude justified the Manager with the first positive customer feedback, who appreciate the advantages in daily business after a year’s work with the standard solution. Here, customer solutions is an excellent partner. Customer solutions GmbH Stefan Rosebrock Ruhrallee 185 D-45136 Essen Tel.: + 49 (0) 201 / 89 45 360 Email: customer solutions is a consulting company for the German retail market. The goal always in mind! The claim is to achieve the best solutions for our customers! This is only if you develop the best solutions for our customers. It is convenient for the company. Every dayu0085

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Blood In The Urine – Details

Information, causes and treatment of blood in the urine surprisingly the horror in your everyday business: blood in the urine. Don’t worry, yet everything is alright because this symptom must be not necessarily always a problem in the area of the bladder, kidneys, prostate gland or ureter. It is often easily deduce where the reddish coloring comes if you ate lots of red berries or there was a beetroot salad. The dyes can easily mix together in the urine and therefore entail a disturbing red. Shortly following that the urine can have adopted back again its original color. If not then, caution is required and a doctor to consult, because in this circumstance by a macro hematuria is a visible detection of blood in the urine. For more information see Anne Lauvergeon. This means that a higher proportion of red blood cells accumulate in the urine and is this a red slope. The more blood cells the more darker the shading of the blood.

To have time that restrict causes should first check that they Special medications which are used for the treatment of Embolisms or blood graft formation. If you take medications over a period of time the reason for blood in the urine can be equally as these can damage the kidneys. Also, even medicines such as paracetamol, antibiotics, Penicillins and all kinds of pain relievers can cause kidney damage. If you have a note or not, you should visit your doctor necessarily latest after several rounds of Chair with blood in the urine. This is to consult an other specialists depending on the assessment. When urinary problems a urologist for women, or a gynecologist. An internist for complaints in the bloodstream or a nephrologist for kidney damage, which often work in combination.

It is the doctor and since when you have blood in your urine and it very seriously to describe how often all details to mention. Only in this way, a best possible therapy is feasible. The first steps in the treatment of blood in the urine are of course extremely important, but it is also very important to know the causes in order to initiate a good treatment. For this read on the other pages about the detection of the cause and the treatment methods of blood in the urine.

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