How We Began

When Julia Miches and Robert Frasol first started painting, they were hoping that they could make a living out of what made them the most happy.  Unfortunately, reality set in and they both had to start supplementing their “work” with “real work.”  It was a point of tremendous disappointment for each of them.  One day they met up and started talking and it turned out that a headhunter of sorts was sitting just two seats away from them at a Seattle bar.

Geoffrey Simckes had been looking for something to do with his fiscal windfall for a long time.  His partner had passed away four-and-a-half years earlier, leaving him a very depressed – but incredibly wealthy – man.  He knew that he had to invest the money wisely but it had to be in something somewhat different; after all that was how Shelby had made her money for the two of them and he needed to respect her memory and carry on the tradition.

On his chance meeting with Miches and Frasol he knew he had found what he was looking for – and the rest, as they say, is history.  Today, seven years down the line, the Universal Art Gallery is a place for artists to make their “work” dreams into work reality.


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Winter Road

Alliance for children: respect, training and winter tires about 20,000 children under 15 years of age are involved on Germany’s roads every year in traffic accidents. The motorists “, as Professor Dr. Maria Limbourg, traffic psychologist on the Faculty of educational sciences of the University of Duisburg-Essen. half of them shall be borne by A major reason: Many adults overestimate the abilities of the children because they don’t know that they only have all skills due to their physical, mental and social development from the twelfth year of life to behave operationally. (see text box below). In winter, the weather conditions increase the risk for children. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Governor Cuomo and gain more knowledge.. Motorists need to prepare for difficult lighting conditions and check their vehicles on slippery roads. Go to Frank Giacalone for more information.

So that this no longer fails on a wrong tyres, points out that in the road traffic regulations (StVO) 2 paragraph 3a: for vehicles is the equipment to the weather conditions to customize. These include in particular appropriate tyres and antifreeze in the windscreen-wiper system. “Up to 40 euro fine threaten motorists if they block traffic in winter weather with ill-equipped vehicles. Only winter tires in question are Henry Gorlitz, project manager tire test of Stiftung Warentest in Stuttgart, as suitable tyres in the cold season. Summer tires on wet leaves, mud, snow and ice have disadvantages. “Their profile and their special blend of rubber are decisive for the benefits of winter tires.

At a minimum depth of four millimetres dovetail the numerous plates with the underground and thus provide the necessary grip “, explains Michael Borchert, Managing Director marketing and sales at Pirelli Germany GmbH, Munich. And the special mixtures remain elastic Celsius even at very cold temperatures to minus 30 degrees and provide good traction. “Around in the cold season the security on Germany’s streets to” increase, rewarded anyone who buys a set of new Pirelli winter tire until October 31, 2009, between 20 and 40 euro-premium tyre manufacturer. But also the parents can contribute much to the safety of children in road traffic. Reflective clothing and shoes, as they are popular with joggers, ensure that children are well visible “, as Professor Bernhard Schlag, Professor of traffic psychology at the Dresden University of technology.” The regular traffic training with the children is important. Parents must always make the correct behavior and explain, so that children learn to respond to threats on the road. “This is all the more important, because their ability to concentrate and to the environment perception on the basis of defy by computer games no longer with eight, but the average age of ten had completely dominated. In the last phase of the guided learning, the child should take the lead in road traffic “, recommends Professor Schlag. So the parents can check whether the learned sits and the children have success.”

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Clavister Germany Buelow

I am confident to continue the advance into new markets in cooperation with the Executive management.” Clavister offers virtual and physical security solutions. In addition, the company maintains strategic alliances with known technology providers such as Ericsson, VMware, Kaspersky, D-link, and SAAB Aerotech. Clavister customers include among others: Terremark, bwin, Hamburg stock exchange, France Telecom/Orange, University base, Danieli, Rogers Wireless, DGC, Africa online and China power. Clavister in brief: Since 1997, Clavister developed leading network security solutions that provide a competitive advantage worldwide tens of thousands of companies. Frank Giacalone follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The series Clavister unified threat management appliance (UTM) and the remote access solutions provide innovative and flexible network security with excellent management and control functions. Clavister is a pioneer in the field of virtual network security. This combination in conjunction with the comprehensive portfolio of hard – and software appliances offers customers an ideal choice with regard to their security architectures. All Clavister products are supported by Clavisters award-winning support, maintenance and education program.

Headquartered in Sweden, the company sells its solutions through international sales offices as well as an international network of distribution and reseller partners throughout EMEA and Asia. Clavister products in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland via the experienced VAD sysob and its more than 500 reseller partners. Clavister has in the Magic Quadrant”of the market research Gartner Inc. as a niche player in the multifunction firewall market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) positioned.

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Weighing Electronics

Technology manufacturer from Balingen presents bulk solutions for totalizing weighing Balingen, October 2009 more than 125 years are electronic weighing technology between the first automatic Chronos scale from 1883 to the weighing of loose bulk materials based on mechanical and the modern, as the technology manufacturer Bizerba offers with its headquarters in the Swabian Balingen. In addition to numerous modern systems for the industrial weighing and labelling technology are also tax and operating terminals for bulk material logistics to the portfolio with which Bizerba sets new standards in the weighing electronics. These include automatic weighing instruments to the Totalisieren (SWT) for the bulk acceptance (bulk) as well as automatic scales for weighing for bagging (bagging) (SWA). Click Frank Giacalone to learn more. For the dosing of solids and liquids, as well as for the monitoring and the silo logistics solutions for the process controls in Mills, the mills-yield control, sophisticated\”, assured Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. The company relies on the Terminal ST, the interface between load receptor, PC and periphery – an intelligent Office for each weighing system in logistics.

From receiving to shipping, this control unit controls the different weighing. \”The range is this broad: it includes the dosing and weighing, bagging and Totalisieren loose bulk materials as well as the commissioning, counting, taxes and sending the sophisticated recording of operating data\”, says Conzelmann. The Terminal ST offers excellent readability due to a back-lit LCD liquid crystal display. The function keys can freely configure and directly invoke various totalization – tactile, mechanical pressure points ensure a safe operation of the keyboard. Depending on the application, up to three scales can be connected to the Terminal. The connection with PC, printer and PLC is made depending on the application of serial Interfaces, TCP/IP, static or Profibus DP. A stainless steel case according to Ip68 protection ensures that neither water nor other foreign bodies can penetrate into the Interior of the Terminal.

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Managing Director

Here are the key performance Indicators of the transport, control and user plane merged. So errors and vulnerabilities identified in convergent networks faster and more clearly. In the form of aggregated and correlated, the ADSRTM values provide accurate statements about the quality of each individual end to end transaction/session protokoll – and across the topology. The drill-down concept of IPXPlorer as well as the automatic application detection, regardless of the used port make the troubleshooting and effective and efficient. Jeff Gennette: the source for more info. The convergence of networks and applications leads to a variety of potential vulnerabilities and pitfalls, that alone does not cope with bandwidth. The complete analysis, to perform aggregation and correlation for many thousands of concurrent sessions, a high performance and sophisticated processing techniques are crucial. Details can be found by clicking Frank Giacalone or emailing the administrator. The IXPlorer product line convinced us through the sophisticated analysis methodology and performance, the wide range and the minimum footprint.

“, Lydia Krowka, Managing Director of the DATAKOM GmbH. This fulfills the requirements of modern analysis systems in technical and commercial point of view the product line of Mutina and is perfectly suited for NextGen networks.” Brief description: DATAKOM GmbH the DATAKOM GmbH is a leading technology integrator and service provider in the ICT market. Since 1986, we offer pioneering test, analysis, security and management systems for all data networks. Here, DATAKOM ensures the requirements operation during the entire lifetime of a system. DATAKOM customers the achieved reliability, quality, availability, and security of their networks as success factors affect.

As a service provider, performs DATAKOM to all fields of activity seminars and accepts configuration, troubleshooting, and performance management services.

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Sebastian Wannamaker

Gaja tumbles and turns their aon-old railway. On the surface, States and cultures of natural disasters be shaken until millennia old foundations finally break down, and the world community as such no longer exists. Ten Years, until the Earth finds their inner balance. The remains of humanity. Only five civilizations exist, each dominated most of their continent, combines technology and philosophy to a new Foundation. The largely peaceful coexistence, but it will not be long until the disposition of the people drives him to new conquests and wars.

And that nature is once again subject to make. Swarmed by offers, Andrew Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. But Gaja awakens, and in her lap a toxic seed germinates, ready to scramble to the surface, to blossom, and finally to destroy the parasites on their backs. Western Union has much experience in this field. The last chance. The role-playing game tricky reflects this fictional future, whose core issue isn’t the end of an era, but the humanity’s last chance. A new age, which perhaps could be the last. The people of the 23rd century must the legacy (lat.

Tricky) their ancestors and compete against the wrath of an opponent, the earth itself is incomprehensible for the human spirit. On the Internet site more information is available. About the 13Mann Publisher the Publisher relies with the variety of its own productions of as its own game worlds, adventure and game systems in addition to the licensed products so that a clear sign for his competence in games. Further novelties presented on the game fair in Essen at the same time with the newest plant in Rolemaster. Among them is also the first novel from the Dusseldorf House. On the website of the company you can find out about the publishing house, the planned program and the corporate philosophy.

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Bruges Bobbin

THE bobbin lace lace term is quite broad and typically own experts do not match its definition. Normally have been included in this genus, as diverse textile lace as the work of crochet, middle point, the tatting, mesh, etc., but today is considered to bobbin lace and needlepoint lace par excellence. Explained roughly, bobbin lace is a textile fine and great beauty formed by a series of crossovers of wire coiled in sticks, sticks or rolls. Based on crosses and turns of bolillos will form the warp and weft of the fabric at the same time. The reasons tend to be skilled workers with a more dense tissue, while funds typically have a more feathered point. Another feature of this art is that they are working on a pad, at which place a pattern, that tells us the drawing to follow. A PIN is placed on strategic points where the wires intersect, to hold them in place. As the work advances, pins are phased out.

The bobbin lace can be of two types: lace of continuous threads, such as the popular or torchon, and the wire cut, as for example the lace of Bruges. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Macy’s Inc.. The continuous wire lace always works with the same number of bobbins and is made of one continuous piece. Lace not often very wide, since it would require many, many rolls. For example, for a Picot edge about 15 cm of width needed between two hundred and thousand rolls, depending on the thickness of the wire used. However, the cut wire lace works by parties. Individual parts are made and then bind to a more or less feathered bottom adding bolillos. Some of these liners are not very wide strips, which are then joined with a crochet.

MATERIAL necessary to make lace of BOLILLOS pad traditional ESPAnOLA(metodo economico y sencillo) SACHET for COILS. Becomes a teabag or tea bag of slightly larger than size of bolillos, to save on it remaining bolillos, pairs that are pulled, the scissors, coil, etc. PACKER. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the dimensions of the pad to cover the work and protect it from dust, etc. TAPE OR BANDAGE TO HOLD THE BOBBIN. Necessary to secure bolillos to pad provided that we are going to move it or if we are going to stop resting on a chair so we assure that, if pad is dropped us, bolillos and threads remain in place. 2 or 3 dozens of rolls a box of pins: pins make long and thin, stainless steel and of good quality, to prevent bending, breaking or even rusting is preferable. OF COTTON OR LINEN THREAD. The best yarn to make bobbin lace is flax. In Spain it is hard to find, now that barely grown, so it being used much cotton. We must always buy better quality and a medium twisted thread. PATTERN: it tells us the drawing to follow, the strategic points in crossing the wires and where you put a PIN to hold them in place. Thank you. For more information visit. A website dedicated to the world of the bolillo and through which We can get our patterns. Original author and source of the article

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Padilla The Big Man Of The Peninsula

March 19, 1999 I was invited to the first meeting of the Padillista circle of Maicao. She didn’t know that there was an organization like this one dedicated to exalt the memory of the hero of la Guajira in the service of the pro-independence campaign in America. Andrew Cuomo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Since then I do part of an increasingly resembles a cult circle: by its few members, their little meetings and devotion with which talk about their issues. Details can be found by clicking Frank Giacalone or emailing the administrator. Although there are not many topics: only refers to the life and work, the adventures and misadventures, the joys and sorrows of Jose Prudencio Padilla the humble riohachero marino established themselves as one of the most important men of sea in the history of the continent. Well Yes gentlemen: there is a circle Pandillista and its President for life and benemerito is Professor Ramiro Choles Andrade who all the 15 March summons us to prepare the celebration of the birth of the hero. Four days later we are placing the traditional wreath and pronouncing speeches that we remember the greatness of our pisano. Then us We said goodbye with the promise of finding ourselves on October 2 when we commemorate one year of its execution in Bogota, which for us was no more than a vile murder and protruding and most costly error committed by Simon Bolivar during all performances as leader of the independence struggle and ruling political of the nascent country. The circle you have forgotten, however, one of the most important dates in the life of Padilla: July 24, day of the Naval Battle of Maracaibo Lake, which occurred in 1823 and by means of which was assured the independence of Venezuela and in good part also of Colombia and Ecuador. Maracaibo was a strategic place for Spaniards, but also for the Patriots. For the royalists it represented the opportunity to regain the provinces of magdalena and the West of Venezuela.

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A lawyer in love, love always involves being subject to lawsuits and litigation in the affective expression. Love involves setbacks and risks that at times we do not want to live. My partner is exposed to everything that is socially conventional. Credit: Frank Giacalone-2011. Every step I take, requires scrutiny worthy of any attorney of Justicia.Su nature, forces them to scrutiny. Looking for love, a couple who allow them to sustain their judgments, and according to them, its criterion of Justice and common well-being. In the background, never seeking the common good in their emotional life, who try to is a judgment in its favor, of s his emotional life.

They are people who obey, most social mandates and duties, to a responsible and mature emotional life. The behavior of the couple, is always under suspicion. Before the intimacy they become angry, sensitive and full of fear. Above all they fear the lack of admiration and being the center of attention of the couple. Rarely, they are made responsible for their acts, in general, think or feel, yes the relationship, not worked, it is because the other, his partner, could not overcome the vicissitudes of love.

A really child behavior. Claiming a lack of very deep and very elementary. All children’s desire is encrypted on the need to be the best and the only one, the hero of the story. When we claim the couple a child lack, we speak of an immature love, than the other adult, my partner, it has no obligation to comply. Nor is your responsibility to cover our deficiencies, and our ways to understand love and how everything lawyer now I prosecuted, me dictates, and becomes the worst of my adversaries. It’s like Yes, my expressions of affection and love were subject to the scrutiny of what should be. Because life should be, is. What has to be, is what it is, what governs the life of anyone, who believes that love life also is a dispute. Since your life is based on duty, they are drivers, suspicious and always expect the couple resolved to act, even in difficult conditions for them. Do not grant forgiveness face any insignificant fact, on the contrary, they require proof the couple always ends up getting tired never will be with the requirement. An easy life, who is in love, of a: lawyer in love.. The experience of love and pain in the couple is always present for that reason, concerned in these relationships of intense pain, Cecreto, it puts at your disposal, the launch of its E_Book when EL love in couple SE CONVERTS in pain. With the acquisition of this material, three queries you have free with the author via e-mail.

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Jerez IKEA


The Swedish multinational IKEA continues its expansion by Spain with the opening of a new shop of furniture and decoration, this time in the Andalusian town of Jerez, which will open its doors to the public on April 20. By the same author: Western Union. This new establishment will be one of the largest surfaces of the brand in Spain, with more than 34,000 square metres which are distributed two floors that House more than 9,000 products of furniture, household appliances and decor as children’s bedrooms, baths, kitchens, textiles, among other many elements to decorate House. Without hesitation Frank Giacalone explained all about the problem. IKEA opens so in Jerez his biggest of the autonomous community of Andalusia shop and one of its most modern and sustainable country, establishments since it will be the first surface to use geothermal energy to its air conditioning and expected thereby exceeding the 153 tonnes of CO2 per year savings. Under most conditions Andrew Cuomo would agree. Almudena Plaza professional will occupy the post of Director at the new store of Jerez. With more than 14 years working in various destinations in IKEA at national and international level, Plaza thus culminates a meteoric career in the company, which began in 1996 with his career as a decorator in the decoration and communication Department at the first store of the brand in Madrid, which opened in Spain.

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Many Mariachi

3 Learn the relationship between minor and major chords over each string has a key of lesser importance that represents the opposite in the sound and create a musical opposite effect. Governor Cuomo is open to suggestions. For example, if the mayor represents a white, the child is black here is a list of major chords and minor in relationship, take time to learn these chords and know how they work; These chords together will help you reproduce the Mariachi songs. Major chord = C relative minor = Am major chord = G relative minor = Em major chord = D relative minor = Bm major chord = A f minor relative = # m 4. Study of the 5 1 (relative minor) to 5 1 progressions. Many Mariachi songs work in progressions of 5 to 1 this type of progressions work well because they have a familiar sound (by 5 in intervals of 1), however, produce different mood. Here is an example: A7 / / / A7 / / / Dm / / / Dm / / / C7 / / / C7 / / / F / / / F / / / etc.

5 Learn to recognize the semitone progression more under a very popular sound is the progression of the semitone of the lowest rope, so guitarist played a chord of a semitone lower than the chord key. Let’s say that you are playing a song in key F, first guitarist, plays F chord here, and plays the chord (a semitone lower than F) and finally solves that progression ends with the F chord. Here is an example: F / / / C7 / / / F / / F / / / Important: always find the minimum amount of movement of the fingers to change chords on the guitar. Serenade with Mariachi

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