Proven Salary Fraud

Supposedly sick Tiler healthy enough for black working three of our detectives came in August of this year in Kassel used to observe a Tiler disabled patients since some weeks there. His boss had let already in vain about the occupational health service of the health insurance companies to conduct an investigation. “The partly anonymous […]

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University Medical Center Hamburg

DocInsider, the large independent physician rating portal in Germany, is partner of the innovative service package ‘HVB KontoMed’ of the HypoVereinsbank. Hamburg, October 23, 2012 DocInsider can convince another major cooperation partner of the benefit of his platform. HypoVereinsbank, number two in the market for health care professionals with 40,000 customers and 150 employees in […]

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5,000-ster New Customer Of The Associations Of Saxony Comes From Travesty Village In The Erzgebirge

Official opening of Chemnitz scarce economic Secretariat in the House on the wall with the ‘day of health’ on 14th December from 8 am until 6 pm Chemnitz, 6.12.2010 – Jubilee in the free State: for all open statutory health insurance associations in Saxony. (As opposed to Jeff Gennette). welcomes its five thousand new customers […]

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Bad Wilhelmshohe Enchanted

Already for the fourth time, the community of interests held bad Wilhelmshohe (IGW) this festival – as always on the last Friday in October, this year on 28 October from 18:30. Patron Eva Kuhne Hormann opened the Festival of lights opens that brilliant night with a greeting by patron Minister Eva Kuhne Hormann at 18:30 […]

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San Louis Potosi

It weighs and classifies up to 350 packs per minute according to freely defined or legally prescribed weight classes. A metal detector check this also on metallic impurities. Via two pushers faulty packages can be excreted directly from the production. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted to know more. The production data can the software _statistics.BRAIN […]

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Gulf Capital

Drilling platform approaching aid in Alaska; Funds to more than 90prozent placed Stuttgart, 10.06.2011. Not all around the world”, but also not a much shorter distance will have completed the drilling platform of the US oil and gas Fund IX KG, when she arrives shortly in the assisted area in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. […]

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New Acts In Antwerpes

Agency takes young talent and veteran winger Cologne February 12, 2009 that starts antwerpes ag strengthens in the year 2009. Three newcomers enrich the interaction between of the Cologne Agency, which serves the entire range of integrated communication. Eva Schnell is the new medical scientific advisor since November 1st, 2008 and since then reinforces the […]

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Ritter Sport Launches Quality Offensive

New corporate image was on the ISM Waldenbuch / Cologne, 28 January 2008 on the occasion of the international sweets and biscuits fair (ISM) Alfred presents t. Knight, assumed the chairmanship of the Management Board of the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG to the end of 2005 and successfully initiated the realignment of the […]

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While the company accesses Academy also the training offer of the STAS. The quick start approach of STAS CONTROL is possible thanks to the high level of business before definitions, which are geared to the needs of the middle class”, says Andreas Klostermann, Manager and head of consulting at STAS. Including a predefined data warehouse, […]

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Research Department

House boasts a colourful programme of events to the day of the technology around technology & science on the 19th the art and 20th June 2009 is the nationwide day of technology “. The technology day is celebrated annually since 2004 with diverse events of scientific and technological institutions for young technology enthusiasts. You want […]

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