Experience Laser

LASIK Germany GmbH: Experience and expertise in the microkeratome technology Hamburg June 2012. The medical team of LASIK Germany GmbH to Dr. Jorg Fischer works with the most sophisticated technology in terms of eye laser surgery. In addition to the Femto LASIK LASIK Germany GmbH relies on the proven microkeratome technology flap preparation. This procedure […]

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Busum Muller

Recognized or not is not the question that Burnout has not as a disease is recognized that may have varied reasons. Self Doctors and therapists are not agreed whether burnout and depression are one and the same. One thing is certain however: not official acknowledgement made a people suffering from a sick person, but physical […]

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New Process Protects Against Counterfeiting

Patent have developed a supplier MiDSi GmbH & co. KG-researchers of the University of Regensburg and the University of Regensburg in cooperation with MiDSi GmbH & co. KG, for innovative communication systems, a new system for the detection of counterfeit medicines. The process is characterized by its high safety standard and the direct involvement of […]

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Hangover Pill Relieves Symptoms

Can dietary supplements help to relieve the Katersyptome Sin without repentance? The hangover pill can help Rollmops, cucumber, orange juice, or the good old headache. Who feels really bad on the “morning after”, tried probably all home remedies, to show the way to the door the cat. It would be easier to be sure, to […]

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Immune System

The immune system and how it it best supported the human organism, the same is true for animals, is surrounded by an army of enemy microorganisms, which would destroy him. The immune system as an important part of the immune system of our body will make sure that this does not happen. Even if it […]

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Clin Nutr

What is useful, what should elderly people decorate their micro-nutrient needs? Researchers from Hanover woman showed any third party a deficiency of B-complex vitamins including folic acid important. Other researchers were able to show that there is an undersupply of carotenoids, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. From the results, we can conclude that usefully […]

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