A Universal Mirror

You have the courage and the patience to focus on what these determined to achieve, rather than let yourself be dragged by concerns and reality that you’re living in the present, is one of the most difficult to perform tasks. It is important to remember that where are you and what you are at this point in your life, is the direct result of your intentions passes, the thoughts that you had, what you felt, and definitely what you made. It is true! Your current results are nothing more than the consequence of your thoughts, feelings and actions of the past, but have nothing to do with your abilities, nor much less with what you can achieve in the future. Unless, of course, that you continue taking your decisions based on those results. If that is the case, you will continue manifesting in your life the same things over and over again. This is a good exercise: observe your current results and try to detect what thoughts, actions and feelings produced them.

Remember that what you have State thinking, feeling and acting, is reflected in your results today. You notice your own body, your House, your car, your relationships in general, your work or lack of the same. Think about your current results as a mirror that reflects your thoughts, feelings, and past actions. At the same time, it recalls that mirrors do not judge, do not decide if you look good or bad; they reflect only what is in front of them. What I tell you is: to judge you! If you are having results that are not pleased you, mirror is giving you the opportunity to adjust your thoughts, feelings and actions. The mirror of your results is helping you, you are saying: don’t have money? Are you ready parahacer something in this regard? I wish you the best of success, Aldo Lagrutta P.D.

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