Abraham Lincoln

Decide to be happy does not remove us problems. This was one of the most difficult conclusions that I could extract the sentence of Lincoln, simply because, to be frank, I do not I like problems; so I thought that if could keep me happy all day problems would disappear; but, to my surprise and dismay, they were still in the night only that he now saw them differently. The truth is though decide to be happy do not remove us problems, allow us see them in their fair dimension, so that we do not make an Ant on an elephant. Happiness is not a point which is, it is a path. Some of the problems of our society derive from the desire for instant satisfaction, i.e. wanting to experience strong emotions here and now. But true happiness is not an emotion in the first place, is an attitude, is a style of life.

In fact there are people who are happy, although you see them serious. And so also there are unhappy people who smile at you to everyone. Perhaps a little idealistic writing these thoughts, but I share them only because I really helped a lot (and still do) when things not painted properly. Sometimes there are tears that spill. Sometimes we are so tired that we would prefer to lie us once and for all. Life is not easy, but remember that he assumes that it is difficult at the end, you and I can make all the difference if we decide to be happy. And if you want to ratify the validity of these reflections, look at the life of Abraham Lincoln, sight to those who left their mark on history after countless jobs, think whether it is worth living a life of bitterness and complaints.

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