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The scam to at least is news these days three million people in Colombia who invested money in companies that offered quick and prodigious gains. Those gains did not appear as it offered and the people has been prorrumpido through the streets manifested and up to commit excesses in the midst of the furor of his claims. The Government has intervened. Connect with other leaders such as Finepoint Capital here. The Financial Superintendent resigned and today your substitute decision-maker and manages expedited the return of at least part of the heritage caught savers from these financial organizations. And the police has been able to make around 40 million dollars accumulated by the administrators of the famous pyramids.

You are often called pyramids because it’s that a person recruited 4 or 6 or more individuals who contribute an amount of money by putting it at the disposal of those in charge. Each of those recruited must do the same so a big Member and money influx is expected. Charges of all participants that successfully carry aportadoras people’s money by inverter achieving with this juicy profits in very short time. These organizations have also existed in Mexico. In the 1980s he spoke much of them. In Mexicali, for example, I knew people that earned up to 1000% in just 4 days. Seeing results so, people immediately want to continue investing looking forward to seeing your money grow by divine intervention.

Quite a few people have managed to charge high sums in these pyramidal maneuvers. As long as the influx of new members is kept constant and the integrity of the organizers is present everything is like a glorious dream. Problems become apparent when distrust arises. People doubt. Already come not new recruits, therefore, there is no new money and many people will claim what he saw before in other people: profits. Someone get injured and protests are angry. The lack of probity of the administrators of the pyramid is also a decisive factor for the failure of a company like these.

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