Anniversary Of The German Air Hansa On April 6 In Berlin Tempelhof

Just 82 years ago, on April 6, 1926, took the newly founded “German Hansa A.G.” at Tempelhof airport on their line operating. Volker Perplies of the Action Alliance be-4-Tempelhof. de’ maintain the airport Tempelhof reminds in a press release: exactly 82 years ago, on April 6, 1926, took the newly founded “German air Hansa A.G.” at Tempelhof airport on their operations. The first flight led to Zurich via Halle, Erfurt and Stuttgart. In the following months many more routes, were added including inter alia to Konigsberg, Paris and Moscow. Special sensation the world’s first night flight with passengers.

The entire flight route for the pilots was marked by huge lights and lights on the ground. The route ran from Berlin to Konigsberg with onward flight to Moscow. The airport Tempelhof was Centre of the “air Hansa” route network, which was also headquartered in Berlin. The Tempelhof airport was founded in 1923 as the first commercial airport in the world. Previously, the former airfields were rather Experimental fields for the fledgling aviation industry. In Berlin-Johannisthal, the first aircraft circled in 1909 with its daredevil pilots. Unfortunately this airfield was built after the turn and nothing reminds us more of this traditional village.

Today’s “Deutsche Lufthansa AG” with headquarters in Frankfurt was re-established in 1953, and assumed the name “Lufthansa” and the yellow-blue crane logo the following year. Legally, it does not apply as the legal successor. Michael Paul of the Alliance Tempelhof is an airport with a great history. So it should be over soon, there would be Senate in Berlin after the red/red. This year will for this symbol of our city, the last chapter written will.”we are all Berliners and we call on the citizens of the city by the Action Alliance, to defend the symbol of freedom on April 27. Berlin chooses! “Berlin chooses Tempelhof and not one of the political parties”, so Paul continues. For more information see

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