Atlantic Ocean

A definition and find the object of philosophy The question of what is meant by philosophy sometimes leads us to think in a sort of esoteric knowledge or mad scientist linked to a bizarre and misunderstood. Socrates and Plato understood as a knowledge linked to the method, the analysis and study (philosophy) as opposed to the view that the senses and offer us the very experience we gained in life and that forms our opinions (doxa). The importance of Socratic thought is based on who was the first to submit a critique of human knowledge of things. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. That is the key philosophy is always a reflection of the second degree or a look like a devil's advocate on any wisdom or science. The metaphor of a river can clarify and give us light. A river is a geographer for a stream flow more or less born in one place and ends in the sea.

The data of interest for this discipline are the Mino for example, was born in Pedregal de Irimia (Lugo, Spain) passes through the cities of Lugo, Orense, Rivadavia … and empties into the Atlantic Ocean between La Guardia and Caminha. To a chemist, the analysis will focus on discovering the molecules of atoms of water (H2O). A biologist is concerned with studying the type of living and associated biodiversity. An ecologist will lead to the contamination of its waters and the hotel developer will study according to the possibilities of creating a leisure complex. However, knowledge or interest associated with each field under consideration is exhausted itself, that is, each specialist is content and not speculate beyond its framework.

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