Bavarian Oberland

‘Hot, no matter whether the Sun is shining!’ The new herb liqueur chicks & Chones of company cult value presents an extraordinary look. That, always the same appearance in the same classic, elegant bottles could be boring, has not spread obviously still in this industry. And if you even get something to face what does not fall into this category, it is mostly a product of inferior quality. A small family business now tries to change this by it combines high-quality products with a modern and peppy performance. The speciality of this liqueur is produced by a small family business located near bad Tolz in the Bavarian Oberland, bottled by hand and labelled. The formula is free of colourings and additives. The regional product is based on an old recipe of the monastery, but has a sexy outfit.

The goal of cult value is to create the balancing act between past and present”, reports managing director Belinda Di Marco. Presents itself this high quality herbal liqueur in a special optics and thus opposes the increasing uniformity of industrially manufactured products. A gift for everyone, find a way out of the book, wine, or voucher dilemma”, says Managing Director Rene Kohl. The company value of cult the cult value liqueur factory, located in the heart of Bavaria, is a small family business which has been committed to the aim of the boring to leave paths of its industry and its customers to offer something special. All products are elaborately manufactured by hand.

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