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To invest in publicity without a doubt is one of the algid points of any small company that is dedicated to make businesses in Internet. Others including Rob Daley, offer their opinions as well. Not always del is simple to make the suitable decisions to administer of the best possible way the budget that it get ready to invest in marketing action. The options, mainly at the initial moments of a site, to trust the promotion efforts or usually acquire a good program for Google that helps us to obtain a good organic positioning and to obtain that basic level that is needed to assure the survival to us. How to choose, then a program for Google, an application that allows us to work in each and every one of the essential aspects of the promotion of a site? First of all, it is necessary to work with the key words. Surely, if the site already is online, the key words have been selected, at least one first approach to them. It is necessary to count on a program for Google that it indicates to us which is the real effectiveness of ours keywords, in comparison with those of ours competitors. It is necessary, consequently, to begin to handle to terms and slight knowledge like KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index, or index of effectiveness of a key word).

The one is east figure that will say to us for sure which are the accurate possibilities that we have of which our key words have the looked for effectiveness. The KEY relates volumes search to sites available on those terms. A high KEY assures to us that there will be few sites available for certain terms. Definitively, we needed a program for Google that shows the KEI to us of our key words, to make the decisions equipped with all the excellent information. From where removing suggestions from key words? Then of this same program for Google, if it is efficient as we wished. They are many aspects to still stand out: interchange of links, load in finders, optimization of the site, positioning of the same, etc Exists a program for Google that covers all these important areas with the work of promotion of a Web? Luckyly, answer is yes: iBusiness Promoter, the program for Google that allows with a minimum investment to work of the most efficient way in the organic positioning of any Web site, without mattering that it is blog, an institutional site, or a store online. In fact, with IBP it is possible to work in the promotion of several sites of simultaneous way, reaching the optimal results.

This era finally the secret that many agencies that are dedicated to marketing online maintained well hidden, the program for Google that allows to elaborate information, and to customizar them to be given to potential clients. IBP, the program for total Google that guarantees its inclusion to him in top ten of the finders, with the minimum effort and cost. Demo unloads its version from, and sees it by same you.

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