Call Center Management

Industry Contact Centre Regional Growth shows evidence and in turn demand for examples and knowledge to set up operations best practices. The effective administration of the different remote channels of interaction with the various customer segments that make up the most precious asset of any organization, poses a new challenge to industry to be prepared and middle managerial cadre for the purpose of responding to new demands for the development of this activity. The challenge not only focuses on the external customer loyalty but also the most precious asset, unique to each organization, “The Internal Customer.” Today it is increasingly strategic to attract, retain and loyalty to our team. The operating conditions are not always accompany this environment every day which is characterized more by the speed of change, and provided little opportunity for the maturation, stability and consistent growth of vital assets, “our people. ” From this perspective we begin to prepare this document for the Management can design a methodology to maximize their efforts in achieving the goals to which every day has to deal in the operation. In a statement, prepared to assess conflict of interest when making a decision (personal / professional) “towards the zone D” is the crowning of the successful management of an entire team to accept the challenge of professional contact center from the perspective of the establishment of a working environment that guarantees the right of human beings “Be Happy.” Nothing is possible to build without this slogan.

The nine steps that lead to the “Zone D” The process to get from some of the areas (A, B, or C) to Zone D, as every process is a way we can begin from a committed decision to do and that involves many actors within the organization, Call Center Manager, Supervisors, Quality, Coaches and Managers. We classified into these 9 steps: Needs to move from each area (A, B and C) and in what context. Develop trust with the agent. Recognize and clarify the expectations of the organization and the agents. Feedback of information (feedback). By the action from the three domains (body, emotion and language). Macy’s Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Accompany the challenges. Reflection on what has been achieved.

Assessing the achievements of the agent. Assessing the achievements of the organization This scheme consists of a set of nine steps that will facilitate the journey to the area D. While these steps are classified in an order that I think is convenient to carry, it is a flexible, constantly changing and growing, since we can not talk about tools that promote change if they have an inherent capacity to change themselves . In short, we can develop some of these steps out of this order or ignore them if there is already some work done previously with the agent. However, we must be clear what are the needs of contact center, as the Zone D meet require knowing the agent’s behavior that he himself can recognize (self-awareness), improve their performance and their own personal transformation not forget what are the objectives the organization. We invite you to discover this way, a fascinating path that inevitably will take you “Around the Area D.”

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